Unmarked Bus Tries to Pick Up Students in Fairfax Virginia


FCPS Marked School Bus

Yama Panjshiri

On April 13th, 2023, Fairfax residents reported two yellow school buses, one arriving on an irregular schedule and one that was unmarked, that came to pick up students. However, when the parents tried to speak with the driver, the bus driver closed the door and drove off. About 15 minutes later, an unmarked bus arrived to come and drive the students to the school, which has now been confirmed to be the real bus.

Police have reported that they have not been able to identify the driver, as the only lead they have is that the driver is a white man with facial hair.

Fairfax County Public School sent a letter to parents Thursday evening about what they described as “troubling incidents.”
According to the letter, police patrols were present as the kids returned home to the communities where the suspicious activity occurred. The district’s transportation staff and the Office of Safety and Security were made aware of the incidents and were told to keep a watchful eye out.

“We thank the diligent community members who spoke up today and reported these incidents,” the letter states. “We ask that all members of our community report anything that they see as suspicious.” Fairfax County Public School buses will always be properly marked. The district says schools will never send an unmarked bus to pick up students.

“Bus stop information is never posted publicly for safety reasons,” the district stated. “Remind your students that if something doesn’t seem right, they should reach out to a trusted adult.”