League of Legends Streamer Accused of Pedophilia and Harassment


CookieLoL’s tweet after the 90-page document was released.

Kevin Han

Jakob Fransson, more commonly known online as CookieLoL, is a League of Legends streamer on the European West server. He was a professional player in the League of Legends scene before starting to post more educational content about the game.

On April 12, 2023, a 90-page document was released that contained compiled evidence of Fransson’s history of harassment. It included multiple screenshots detailing accusations compiled by former and current members of his inner circle and stated that there were “multiple instances of inappropriate conduct with his staff, community, and various individuals across Discord.” This document was released and was available to the public up until recently before being taken down by Google for violating its Terms and Conditions.

CookieLoL was accused of making sexual or offensive comments to multiple minors (that he knew were under the age of 18), flirting with minors as young as 13, posting explicit images and messages on his own Discord server, admitting to assaulting a girl when he was 16, scamming multiple sponsors, and not paying his editors, moderators, and employees for months at a time. These accusations were supported by dozens of screenshots of conversations that CookieLoL engaged in with these people.

One such instance of CookieLoL’s actions against minors included his conversations with “X” on Discord. CookieLoL, despite knowing “X’s” age very well, commented that they were “sexy” and wanted to voice call.

Rivi, one of CookieLoL’s former moderators on Twitch and Discord, was delayed multiple months of payment, which led to him being evicted from his house. He commented on Twitch streamer “SpearShot’s” stream, stating that he was “homeless for weeks” and that he “lived in a car.” Despite Rivi’s multiple attempts to ask Cookie to pay him, CookieLoL did not change his behavior. Instead, he told Rivi that he needed to “change the way [he] ask[ed]” for payment and that it was “hella annoying.” He also said that Rivi “had a godlike job” and that he should “appreciate it more.”

CookieLoL didn’t exploit just his employees, but his sponsors as well. Cookie was sponsored by Rise of Kingdoms, where if enough people used his link and got to a certain level, he would get a payout. To make this process easier for him, he recruited multiple people to create bot accounts so that he could reach the number of registrations needed faster. He also wanted to scam Manscaped by purchasing a certain amount of products to earn money. In the document, he would earn $1000 for every 20 sales, and by buying 200 products, he would earn more money than he would spend.

Naayil, a friend of Spear Shot and another LoL streamer, stated that “all of this scamming and all of this exploiting is on top of him being a known pedophile.”

A few hours after the document was shared, CookieLoL came out with an apology (which can be viewed on his Twitter). However, the community reacted negatively and stated that his apology was insincere and fake, as he posted it only a few hours after he was accused.