Do Black Lives Matter?


Jalen Ragsdale

America has been greatly divided in the last couple of months over the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” Some look at the saying negatively and see reverse racism and degradation of other races or groups in America. In contrast to this, many others look at the Black Lives Matter movement as a positive force, representing motivation and encouragement. The saying originated from all the recent police killings and attacks towards the black community throughout various parts of the country. During protests (which sometimes turned into riots), people chanted and cheered, “Black Lives Matter,” to voice their opinion, stand up, and speak out about the tragedies.

People who disagree view the saying as offensive and say that it claims other races are less important. People have came up with the saying, “All Lives Matter,”causing even more controversy. Those who favor All Lives Matter claim they want all races and issues to be  considered the same and everybody’s problems equal, not just the Black community’s.

In Dallas, Texas, five police officers were shot and killed by an African American male named Micah Xavier Johnson. After the killings, the Black Lives Matter movement was heavily criticized and seen as violent and dangerous. As a result of the murders, the phrase “Blue Lives Matter” made headlines on the news and was talked about heavily on social media. Once again, the Black Lives Matter movement felt insulted and inferior to the other movements that occurred.

Thomas Trapp, Centreville High School administrator and ex supervisor of the police department, had some interesting and insightful comments on the whole situation.

“I don’t have any issues with the slogan, I believe all lives matter, including blacks,” said Trapp. “I can see how it [the All Lives Matter slogan] can be perceived as mocking.”

“Lacking of proper training, communication,” according to Trap, is the reason for all the division and issues with the police. When he was a cop, he tried to be as “colorblind” as possible.

All in all, this topic is very controversial and everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. Activism, riots, and protests, have always been a part of America’s history and it is important that people listen to and stay informed about these issues.

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