Obama’s Reign

Nikita Manjuluri and Julia Clouse


As our nation awaits the incredibly stressful results of the presidential race, we should also recognize that a great reign is coming to an end, President Barack Obama’s. Obama has accomplished much during his presidency, from ending a war to substantially decreasing the gas prices to increasing national debt. We should reflect on the past eight years instead of focusing on the negatives of this upcoming election.

Obama’s presidency has greatly impacted many lives. President Obama is credited for legalizing gay marriage and allowing all to openly serve in the military. He also reversed the unnecessary policies of past presidents such as George W. Bush’s torture policies involving enhanced interrogation methods which violated the Geneva Convention. Obama improved relations with other nations through diplomacy, with favorable opinion increasing by an average of 26% in 10 of 15 countries, according to the Pew Global Attitudes Project. The unemployment rate from 2009 to 2016 shows a steep decline.

“I think that his biggest accomplishment is getting the U.S. back on better terms with Cuba. Compared to past presidents, he’s achieved a very important accomplishment,” says Katelyn Purdy.

Obama was also a favorable presidential candidate to the American people in many ways other than policies.

“Obama really captured the youth vote and positively impacted them by showing them a brighter outlook on what the presidency could be,” says Amy Mbawuike. 

President Barack Obama and Vice President Jose...
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama gave off a very friendly impression to the American public and to other countries. He is well acquainted with all of his co workers, especially his vice president and good friend, Joe Biden. His campaign tactic was showing the American public that he was realistic and really cared about his people.

However, some don’t agree with Obama’s policies and say that Obama has caused more harm than good. Obama has increased national debt by nine trillion dollars since he came into office in 2008. He has also deported nearly two million undocumented immigrants staying in the U.S. Some say he failed to control discriminatory arrest because discrimination is still an issue in our country. 

Obama has achieved many great goals and has been able to accomplish much of what he promised, but he has also made unpopular decisions to which many Americans would not agree. He has impacted America by making it safer and improving relations with other countries. Obama was a great symbol and an exceptional diplomat for America, even though he has made questionable choices during his presidency. It is important to recognize and analyze his achievements and errors so we can decide our future in the upcoming election.


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