Hitler House

Christy Kim, Editor-in-Chief

People in history leave behind fragments of their legacy. However, there are remnants of the past that people believe are better left wiped clean.

In Austria, there stands a guesthouse that Hitler grew up in. This has been widely debated between those who wish to demolish the building or changing its function.

According to Die Presse, an Austrian newspaper, Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka has released a statement that there has been a consensus to take down the structure.

“The Hitler house will be torn down. The foundations can remain but a new building will be erected. It will be used by either a charity or local authorities,” said Mr. Sobotka according to BBC news.

The problem of this guesthouse exists as several tourists seek out this location for adoration purposes, not out of remembrance for the devastating effects of the Holocaust.

Even still, there are those who still believe that the house must remain intact. Daniel Levin (11), a Centreville student with Jewish descent, believes that the birthplace shouldn’t be demolished because it is a reminder of the negativity of the Nazi rule.

“It had been here for so long because it was a memory of the Holocaust, not just him.”

Different views lead to different suggestions and the people of Austria are divided as some want a museum dedicated to Austria’s liberation from the Nazis, others want a refugee center, etc.

Regardless of the different perspectives and opinions on this topic, people must not forget this:

“Evil does exist and genocide in any level is something that society can’t afford. If we aren’t reminded of the past, it will repeat.” -Daniel Levin