The NFC East’s Demise

Joe Finfrock

The Philadelphia Eagles. The New York Giants. The Dallas Cowboys. The Washington Redskins. These four teams make up the NFC East division. For as long as I can remember, this division has been a toss up. The 2016 NFL draft changed all of that more than anyone could have imagined.

Last season, the Redskins came out on the top of the division at 9 wins to 7 losses, losing in the first round of the playoffs. Kirk Cousins emerged as the clear starting Quarterback for the team, and a potential future star. Things were looking up for the Redskins. At least until draft day in the Summer of 2016.

The Cowboys, after coming off of a terrible season in which Tony Romo missed almost every game, scored the fourth overall pick in the draft. With a full offensive line and apparent clear starting quarterback, and with the off-season acquisition of former Redskins star Alfred Morris, there was no clear choice to the public as to who they might pick. So when Roger Goodell said, “with the fourth pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys select Ezekiel Elliott, running back out of Ohio State,” it was to the surprise of many- and to the dismay of the rest of the NFC East.

The first round pick was not the only pick that would influence the 2016 season for the Cowboys. With the 135th pick in the draft the Cowboys selected quarterback Dak Prescott. With Tony Romo coming back, Prescott probably will not see the field, right?

Wrong. In the preseason, Romo suffered a broken back, which granted Prescott the starting job. So, like it’s out of a movie, Dak and Zeke were set to take center stage at the start of the season.

Week one was rough for the rookie duo. Despite Elliott’s touch down the two rookies were 0-1 to start their careers. After this game, however, the team went off. The Boys’ have won 12 straight since that loss to start the season. Ezekiel Elliott is not only leading the running for Rookie of the Year, but he is also a front-runner for MVP. Dak Prescott continues to impress with his dual threat ability to run and throw with great accuracy.

Now, because of the dramatic changes, the now unstoppable Cowboys appear to have a hold on the NFC east; and, because of the youth of the team, a dynasty may be brewing in Dallas. This season, three of the four teams in the NFC east have winning records. So, despite the dominance of the Cowboys, the NFC east appears to be a division up for grabs still, at least for this season. However, the age of the Cowboys stars is unbeatable. For now, the division may be up for grabs, but if the Cowboys can continue this dynasty that appears to be cooking up, the NFC east, or the rest of the NFC east, may be in trouble.