The Edge of Seventeen


Noemi Guzman

The Edge of Seventeen is a brilliant and bittersweet comedy-drama film. Kelly Fremon Craig is not only the director of the Edge of Seventeen (2016), but she also directed the film Post Grad (2009).  Craig incorporates the struggles adolescents face such as maintaining relationships, experiencing loss, and upholding one’s self esteem. Although the film includes mature content, this movie sums up what it is like being a teen in the twenty first century. This coming of age story is a must see film, and I highly recommend giving it a watch.

        To say Craig chose a brilliant cast would be an understatement. Hailee Steinfeld, who you may recognize from Pitch Perfect 2, stars as the awkward, comedical, and outcasted high school junior named Nadine Franklin, who’s father passed away in a car accident three years earlier. To Nadine’s dismay, Darian, Nadine’s older brother who is played by Blake Jenner, starts dating Nadine’s best friend Krista (Haley Lu Richardson). As Nadine’s friendship with Krista begins to be shadowed by the relationship between her brother and Krista, Nadine forms an unexpected friendship with Erwin Kim who is played by Hayden Szeto. Woody Harrelson, who stars as Mr. Bruner, Nadine’s high school teacher, guides Nadine through her struggles with his ‘deadpan’ humor and parental advice.

         The Edge of Seventeen is a rated R movie that contains a few mature scenes for audience members, but does an incredible job of getting the audience solely focused on the struggles Nadine faces, such as social anxiety. The film follows Nadine entering Mr. Bruner’s room, and claiming that she is going to commit suicide. It flashbacks to Nadine’s childhood and shows how Nadine and Krista friendship started. It also follows the struggles Nadine has faced that lead up to her idea about committing suicide.  

         I highly recommend this film for anyone who is looking forward to laughing their pants off, and for anyone who is interested in an amazing coming of age film. Find out how Nadine copes with her complications by watching The Edge of Seventeen, comical and bittersweet film, in a theater near you!