Wildcat Cheerleading

Hannah Joo

This is a picture of the Centreville JV cheer team with the Westfield team.

The Centreville High School cheerleading program has a varsity and JV (Junior Varsity) cheer team. It is a fall sport, but they have practice from August to November and have green days in the spring season too. Both varsity and JV have had an amazing season with competitions,  football games, and other events. The varsity team cheers for our varsity football team where as the JV team cheers on our JV football team. They cheer throughout the entire game and perform stunts as well. They have competed against other cheer teams from other schools in the district and have done an incredible job!

Tammy McCarron is the head coach of the cheer program, and she is extremely hard working and supportive of the teams. The coaches for the varsity team are Vanessa Moore, Tammy McCarron, and Melissa Michael. There are also three JV coaches: Melissa Krause, Lauren Maples, and Kylie Mullin. They work very hard to teach and help all the girls improve their skills.

Cheerleading consists of many activities such as jumping, tumbling, and performing stunts. Some people may believe that cheer is not an actual sport, but it isn’t as easy as they may think. Cheerleaders have to lift people up in the air and tumble which takes a lot of practice and strength, similar to any other sport. There are many different types of stunts, but there are normally four people in a stunt group. There is a flyer, a main base, a side base, and a back spot. The flyer is the person on the top of the stunt who goes up into the air while holding various motions and positions. The main and side bases’  job is to hold the flyer up on her feet. The back spot’s job is to help hold the flyer up and catch the flyer when she is thrown or if she falls.

This is the varsity team at a game in October.

Cheerleading consumes a lot of time and requires practice. They have practice almost everyday and have to set up their equipment in the cafeteria every time. During most practices, they stretch and warm up first. Then, they work on different skills, the competition routine, or cheers. There are many cheers to memorize for football games and other events. Achieving any of the routines takes a lot of time and practice. Cheerleaders are all constantly learning new things, and they believe there is always room to improve their skills.

Cheerleaders have had many exciting events and showed a lot of spirit this season. They wore pink during games in October for breast cancer awareness month and yellow bows in September for childhood cancer awareness. During the pep rally, they did a competition routine and at the homecoming parade, they cheered through neighborhoods while handing out candy to little kids. The varsity and JV team got to cheer together during the homecoming game in the third and fourth quarter too.

This is the JV team at a game in October.

The cheer team has had a great season. During competition, they showed their skills and spirit while competing against other schools. The varsity team was very successful at the competition this year too! They worked hard during multiple rounds to make it to the semi-regionals where they placed sixth against many other high schools. The JV team also had a great competition and were placed ninth locally.