Wildcat Cupboard

Julia Clouse

“Take what you need, leave what you can.”

The Wildcat Cupboard is a teacher-organized pantry for students to donate food/hygiene products for those who may need them. The idea was inspired by ‘Cramahe Cupboard,’ a community pantry in Ontario, Canada. A group of teachers, including Mr. Baird, Ms. Ruffing, and Mrs.Miller, thought Centreville High School could benefit from a similar establishment. They discussed the topic over a messaging forum and submitted the proposal. This initiative was first called the “Love Your People Pantry” to Mr. Jagels. Between 15%-23% of Centreville students receive free and reduced lunch with some families not applying because they’re uncomfortable with sharing their immigration status. With hopes of benefiting these students and families and giving back to the community, Principal Jagels approved the project and it was put into motion.

The first phase was building the cupboard with wood  which was supplied by Mr. Baird. It was then stocked with various donated goods. Suggested items to contribute include: canned food, dried starches, cereal, and toiletries. Perishables cannot be accepted nor glass/open containers, expired items, or homemade food. If the cupboard is full, donations will be dropped off in MOD 18 or 19. The pantry was recently completed and is currently stocked with a variety of canned goods. The cupboard is a great way to give back to the community and help families in need by simply bringing in food items from home.