Girls Freshmen Basketball


This is the girls freshmen basketball team.

Hannah Joo

The girl’s freshman basketball season is coming to an end. So far,  they’ve had sixteen games and two scrimmages. They’ve won two of those games, and they also had two games each week. Girls basketball is a winter sport and lasts about four months from November to February. There are about twelve people on the team and the coach, Coach Clinton. The team has two managers: Marah Ghanem and Anahita, who are both sophomores. They assist the team by doing things like getting them water during games, and they’re a big help to the players off the court as well.

This is a picture of the girls freshmen basketball team.

The girl’s freshman basketball team has practice nearly everyday. They have practice after school from 5:30 to 7:30. During practices, they do things like warm ups, drills, and they practice their positions. There are four positions in basketball, a point guard, center, power forward, shooting guard, and small forward. First, a point guard is the back-court player who directs the team’s offense. The center, who is typically the tallest player, is positioned near the basket and block defenders. The power forward typically plays offensively with their backs toward the basket. The shooting guard’s main objective is to score points, and the small forward are primarily responsible for scoring and defending.

Shrijana Oli, a member on the team says, “My position is on wings, and my favorite thing about being on the team is teamwork and having fun. We are all very close with each other too.” She is a point forward and this is her first year on a high school basketball team.

Another member on the team says, “Being on the team is very fun and exciting and teamwork is an important part of being on the team.”

The athletes have gotten close, and they have bonded together through the team. The girls freshman basketball team has done a great job, and they have worked extremely hard this season.