3 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is The Worst Holiday

Aidan Herklotz

No.1) Too Much Love

Valentine’s day is a holiday filled with love. Sure, a bit of romance here and there is a good but too much is just…too much. Hear me out, you can appreciate a single candy bar. It’s a nice little treat. But when you’re left with a huge box of chocolate, because you couldn’t find a date for Valentine’s day, the only thing you can do is eat away your sorrows. That first chocolate is delicious – the best thing you have ever tasted. But as you keep eating you get sick to your stomach. You want every piece to be like that first one, but it never will be. Too much chocolate is bad, and that’s the same with love. Love is a beautiful thing. It should be cherished, not thrown everywhere like it’s confetti. Too much love can make you sick to your stomach.

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No.2) Expectations Are Set Too High

With all the movies and TV episodes that take place on Valentine’s day, there should be a lot of realistic Valentine’s day scenarios out there, right? Wrong. These scenarios tend to be big and extravagant. Who has the time and money to plan a surprise trip to Paris and see fireworks go off on the Eiffel Tower? No one. Who can afford a hot air balloon ride over New York City? Nobody. All of this extravagance is setting Valentine’s Day expectations way too high; therefore people expect more than others can handle.

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No.3) Depression

Unfortunately, studies show how Valentine’s day is the holiday with the highest suicide rates. People feel more depressed when they do not have dates, and even worse, nobody to love. I can understand why. Everyone around them is getting chocolate, roses, and kisses (which may or may not be the Hershey kind) while they are the only ones getting nothing. Why does everything always have to be sad during the holiday season?


So there we have it – the worst holiday ever. I have nothing else to say. If you are interested, please sign this petition to make Valentine’s day a second Halloween. After all, this is what we really need.


Petition: https://www.change.org/p/society-replace-valentine-s-day-with-a-second-halloween