Varsity Boys’ Basketball Season

Jalen Ragsdale

Winning games, beating rivals, hitting buzzer beaters, and finally putting Centreville on the map once again, this 2016-2017 season for the Centreville’s Boys’ basketball team has been incredible and amazing to watch.

In the last few seasons, the basketball team has been the laughing stock of the town. With poor coaching, lack of talent, and bad performances, the team has had a bad reputation of being terrible season after season. But then, a change was brought to Centreville and the team did a complete 180. Centreville brought in new coaching, recruited new players, and worked hard everyday to become a winning and well respected team.

Coach Kevin Harris pushed the team to go 17-8 for the season, which is a huge and incredible turn around compared to their 6-17 season last year, when he first arrived, and especially an improvement from their 4-19 season before Coach Harris joined the program. Not only did the team win the majority of their games, they even fought to win the District championship, which hasn’t been accomplished since 2001. Unfortunately, the team lost the next game which eliminated them from the tournament, but the Wildcat fans are still very proud of them and their hard work.

Along with winning Districts and having a great record, Centreville players and coaches were recognized for all their talents, effort, and determination. Bryce Douglas (10) won conference player of the year and first team all region. Marcus Mack (12) won first team all district, all region honorable mention, and was invited to play in the All-Star game. Caleb Emeogo (11) got first team all defense. Chris Martin (11) received second team all defense. Tyler Lohman (12) received honorable mention for district. And lastly, Coach Harris received coach of the year for his tremendous coaching and turn around for the Centreville Boys’ Varsity Basketball team.