Centreville Tennis Team


Hannah Joo

Centreville High School has a boys and girls varsity tennis team. There were over thirty girls that tried out for the girls team and eighteen people got in. On the girls team, there are two coaches. Coach Jennings is a science teacher here at Centreville High School and Coach Morrison is an orchestra teacher. Also, there are two new managers, Maya Lewis (9) and Tina Zhao (9). On the boys’ team, there are three managers, Yangbin Zhao (10), Yannan Zhao (10), and Janna Vuong (9). There are about twenty-six people on the boys team and they have one coach, Mrs. Bellamy.

A typical tennis practice consists of warm ups, running drills, and matches. During warm ups, they run around the courts and stretch in a circle. Then, they play short doubles matches against each other. A practice usually lasts about two hours.

Both the boys and girls teams had a scrimmage on Tuesday, March 7th and 4:00 pm. It was against West Springfield High School and they played multiple matches against each other.

They also had their first match on Tuesday, March 21st at 4:00 pm. Unfortunately, they lost. Their opponent was Robinson Secondary School and their game was there. Only twelve players were chosen to play at the game.

Maya Lewis, a manager on the girls team, said, “I love being associated with the team, getting to go to games, and eating bagels. I became a manager because I want to learn tennis so I can be on the team next year.” As a manager, she gets water for the team, helps out, observes the game, and gets to play sometimes.

Simran Kumari, a new freshmen on the team, said,” I’m really glad that I made the team and and I’m also super excited for the new season.”

Even though the tennis team has had a rough start to their season, they will continue to work hard and improve.