People’s Climate Change March


Hannah Jane Kim

On Saturday, April 29th, Washington DC was flooded with over 200,000 protesters from around the nation, marching in the scorching heat for more climate change protection, and acknowledgement of science. This protest follows the Science March from the prior week, and marked Trump’s 100th day in office. This protest, planned from the start of Trump’s election, was a reaction to the backwards progression on climate change policies, and suppression of environmental protection policies.

Indigenous people, students, scientists, and others traveled to DC to express their disapproval of these rollbacks, their opposition to the neglection of climate change roared loudly with celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio using their platforms to influence the public, and the government.

The actual march began in the afternoon, the event starting earlier in the morning. A water ceremony was held by indigenous people at the start, including the Cheyenne River Sioux tribal members who traveled from South Dakota in order to attend.

The march itself was filled with banners, signs, sunflowers, and resistance.

It should be expected that many more environmental protests should follow the Climate March.