Hurricane Irma

Juliana Varsalona

The infamous storm Irma has been spiraling out of control causing damage to multiple areas. Some areas that have been hit brutally are Florida along with Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

This storm hit the middle of Florida reflecting in many areas that were left in ruins. Days before the hurricane reached Florida, everyone was preparing for the absolute worst which was to be expected due to the numerous reports on the evidential effects from this storm. Despite the rumors, the actual effect of the hurricane was less tragic than it was brought up to be. With that being said, it doesn’t mean Florida did not reach a critical point. Irma has dropped about more than a half foot of rain in this area, leading to multiple misfortunes. It is said there have already been 4 documented deaths in Florida due to this whirlwind.

Irma has her eye on other states as well. The governor of Georgia declared state of emergency for all counties. 540,000 people were commanded to leave the Georgia coast. Also, we can’t forget about Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. They were all announced to proceed to go through with emergency state evacuations as well. In detail, Charleston, South Carolina and Georgia were not fully impacted with the demonic wrath of Irma, but were spared with a deadly tropical storm. Power outages and flooding occurred, along with maybe a few trees saying hello to the ground. Needless to say, these states still saw the unholy ways of Irma.

Many states were affected by this brewing storm and faced its full wrath. The aftermath is catastrophic and the states affected are scrambling to recover. Florida, and the other states, are receiving all the help they can get with donations outpouring from people across the country and around the world; the government has also lent a hand. Irma came here on a deadly mission which it carried out, but in these times of horror the world has come together to shine some much needed light in the path of devastation left by Irma.