MLB Postseason 2017

Ansh Suchdeve

The 2017 Major League Baseball (MLB) Postseason is finally upon us, and it will undeniably make history in the record books. The Postseason is a series of contests played to determine the champion of an event which in this case is Major League Baseball. Many star players have carried their respective teams to the postseason with team members such as Paul Goldschmidt, Corey Kluber, and Aaron Judge. Not to mention, many other players have had an impactful season enough to get their teams to the postseason. The teams have clinched a playoff spot are as follows: The Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rockies. As you can see, there are 10 total teams that reach the playoffs, five teams from the American League, and 5 teams from the National League.

These are the regular season win-loss records for the teams that are entering the Postseason:


American League:

Cleveland Indians (1st Seed): 102-60

Houston Astros (2nd Seed): 101-61

Boston Red Sox (3rd Seed): 93-69

New York Yankees (1st Seed Wild Card): 91-71

Minnesota Twins (2nd Seed Wild Card): 85-77


National League:
Los Angeles Dodgers (1st Seed): 104-58

Washington Nationals (2nd Seed): 97-65

Chicago Cubs (3rd Seed): 92-70

Arizona Diamondbacks (1st Seed Wild Card): 93-69
Colorado Rockies (2nd Seed Wild Card): 87-75


Below is the bracket for the upcoming playoffs which start on Tuesday, October 3rd.

American League:

Wild Card game:

Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees: Updated, The New York Yankees defeated the Minnesota twins by a score of 8-4.


ALDS: (1) Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankees

Houston Astros vs Boston Red Sox



Winner of Indians-Winner of AL WC Game

Winner of Houston Astros-Boston Red Sox series

WS: AL Champion vs NL Champion


National League:

NL Wild Card Game: Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks: Update, the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Colorado Rockies by a score of 11-8


NLDS: (1) Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks

(2) Washington Nationals vs (3) Chicago Cubs


NLCS: Winner of Los Angeles Dodgers-Wild Card Game Winner Series

Winner of Washington Nationals-Chicago Cubs Series


WS: AL Champion vs NL Champion


In case you were confused, here is the entire MLB Playoff system explained. The Wild Card Game is a single contest where the winner of the WC game advances to the LDS round to play the number one seed of the conference. Next, the winner of the LDS round which consists of a best 5 of system, moves on to the LCS round to play the other team that has reached the LCS round. The winner of the the LCS round advances to the World Series to play the team from the other conference that has made it as well. The winner of the World Series is declared as the world champions and the season is over. The LDS series is in a 2-2-1 format where the higher seed gets the first 2 home games, then the lower seed gets the next 2, and to conclude it the higher seed gets the fifth game. The LCS series consists of a 2-3-2 series format which is the same format as the World Series where the higher seed gets the first two home games, then the lower seed gets the next three home games. Next, the higher seed will receive the last three games of the series. The television and/or radio stations that you can watch the MLB Postseason are as follows. For the Wild Card games, you can watch the AL Wild Card game on ESPN on Tuesday, October 3rd. You can watch the NL Wild Card game on TBS on Wednesday, October 4th. You can also watch the ALDS games on Fox Sports One or MLB Network. Additionally, you can watch the NLDS games on TBS or MLB Network. Also, you can watch the ALCS games on Fox or the coverage may be on FS1. You may watch the NLCS games on TBS. Lastly, you can watch the World Series on Fox. My personal predictions for the 2017 MLB Postseason are below:


Predictions for 2017 MLB Postseason:


AL WC Game:

New York Yankees over Minnesota Twins(6-4)

NL WC Game:

Arizona Diamondbacks over Colorado Rockies(7-3)


Houston Astros over Boston Red Sox in 5 games

Cleveland Indians over New York Yankees in 3 games


Los Angeles Dodgers over Arizona Diamondbacks in 4 games

Chicago Cubs over Washington Nationals in 5 games


Cleveland Indians over Houston Astros in 7 games


Los Angeles Dodgers over Chicago Cubs in 6 games

World Series:

Cleveland Indians over Los Angeles Dodgers in 7 games