VIII Highlights From the New Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Aidan Herklotz

It’s been many, many months of waiting (about six to be exact), but the time has finally come! The brand new, super-official, Star Wars the Last Jedi trailer has come out, and it’s a big one. Tons of new information has been revealed, so without further ado, here are eight highlights from the brand new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer, in no particular order of course.

8) Chewie and The Porg: Adventures in Space.
Okay, this is a pretty small one, since there wasn’t much new footage revealed, but I for one am still really excited about the antics that Chewie and The Porg are inevitably going to get into. The footage we see is of Chewie piloting the Millennium Falcon (which he inherited after Han died in The Force Awakens) and then panning over to a small animal, which is adorably screaming. This animal has already been revealed, and is called a Porg. Porgs are native to Ach-to, which is the planet that Luke Skywalker is currently being a hermit on. The Porgs seem to have taken a liking to him, since they act friendly towards him in all of the footage and pictures that they are in together. There is supposed to be a plot about some Porgs stowing away on the Falcon and hanging out with Chewie, which is hinted to in this Star Wars animated short produced by

7) Kylo’s New Look.
You may have noticed that, in a few of the shots during the trailer, that Kylo Ren is showing a new getup. The most noticeable of these throughout the trailer is the “space-gauze” covering the scar over Kylo’s face, but there are some other outfit details sprinkled throughout the trailer. For one, Kylo is now rocking a longer, more Darth Vader-like cape, which is very unlike his last tattered cape in the Force Awakens. Also, he wears his black helmet only once in this trailer, and in the first teaser trailer shown last April, his helmet is shattered and broken along the remains of his burnt Darth Vader helmet. Kylo also seems to be wearing a more “shirt and tunic” type attire instead of the robe-like clothes that he wore in the Force Awakens. More on Kylo Ren and his developments later, but I rate Kylo’s fashion as a ten out of ten.

6) Snoke Tortures Rey.
This part opens up with Rey coming out of what looks like an ocean at night with a few shots of undercover Finn and a First Order army as well as a walker battle on the new planet Crait with all of this is voiced-over with Supreme Leader Snoke saying “Fulfill Your Destiny.” And after that, we see a shot of Snoke in his new yellow robes, force-torturing Rey, with her eyes black, screaming, and vertically floating above the floor. Oh my. So many question! How did Snoke capture Rey, why is he torturing her (besides the point that “he’s the bad guy”) and how he is torturing her? So many questions, I can’t begin to answer them all! So I won’t, I guess you’ll have to wait until the movie comes out! You can’t expect me to know everything now do you?

5) Poe’s Spark of Rebellion.
This scene is like a page out of Star Wars Rebels, with talks of sparks and bringing things down as well as revolution. It’s like it’s coming out of the mouth of Hera or Kanan. Unless you’re confused, I’m talking about the only part of the trailer with Poe Dameron in it, he really gets neglected in this trailer. Anyway, it begins with Poe in some kind of flagship, which is obviously being seriously damaged. I’m thinking that this is in the same space battle as earlier, with the conflicted Kylo thing. This is also probably related to the last teaser trailer, specifically when Poe is running through a ship hallway, and a hangar exploding. It then cuts to Poe in his X-Wing, which is suped up to include a third thruster on the back, which is one of the coolest things in the entire trailer. It then cuts to Poe’s helmeted face, and then to him dodging and weaving his way through the space battlefield in his X-Wing. I for one am very excited for the development of Poe’s character in the Last Jedi. In the Force Awakens his character was dumped off in the first act, and was originally supposed to die in the TIE crash scene! But he came back in the beginning of the third act with absolutely zero explanation. He barely had any character, even though he was advertised to be one of the major players in the film. Hopefully he gets more of a character in the Last Jedi, but please don’t kill him.

4) Miscellaneous.
There have been many smaller points in the trailer that I thought were really cool, but don’t really deserve their own sections. Here are those points. I liked when Kylo was in an elevator with his helmet on, takes it off and has a sissy fit by punching a wall, probably breaking his fist. BB-8 gets damaged during a space battle, and looks really cute while getting electrocuted. There are a few fox-like creatures in the trailer that appear to be made of snowflakes or crystals. They appear to be connected to Leia Organa, who is also grieving over her lost husband in an abandoned hangar. Rey also takes a dip in what looks like a very dark lake, she then comes out with Luke in front of her, and Luke’s force tree behind him. I have no idea what role the force tree will play in the film, but it’ll probably be an amazing one. That is all of the miscellaneous parts I liked in the trailer, but there are still plenty more moments in the trailer to touch upon.

3) Conflicted Kylo.
This is a biggie. Many fans of the Star Wars franchise are angered with this section, probably because it could have spoiled a huge part of the film. This section begins with a scarred Kylo spinning around in his brand new TIE Silencer, which is a new ship to the series. There is a voice over in this section, Kylo is talking about letting the past die, possibly referring to the guilt of him killing his father. He is attacking some kind of Resistance flagship, and we then cut to the first Leia shot in the trailer, finding out that she is in the ship that Kylo and his TIE squad is attacking! Then it shows Kylo’s TIE’s targeting screen as he’s locked onto the ship, but he’s hesitating to push the button. It fast cuts to him, and then Leia, and him again, and then it cuts to “Coming This Christmas.” I think you can see what’s wrong with this section. If not, I’ll tell you anyway. Leia is totally going to die in this scene! We already know that she’s going to sometime, since Carrie Fisher (the actress who portrayed her) passed in December of last year, and Lucasfilm executives have already stated that they have no intent to recreate them using special effects magic (as they did with Peter Cushing in Rogue One), so what other option is there? They’re not bold enough to recast her or to kill her offscreen! Could it have been a “lucky” coincidence that she died in the film anyway? I suppose all we can do is wait and see.


2) Secret Agent Finn.
The subplot of Finn and new character Rose going undercover in the ranks of the First Order has been being passed around for awhile now, but with this trailer, we have video confirmation. In this part of the trailer, Finn and Phasma are duking it out in what seems to be a destroyed first order base, with First Order versions of the AT-ST (or chicken) walkers roaming around the battlefield. Finn is wearing a First Order uniform, the closest rank of which is unknown, but I’m sure it will be revealed in the film Phasma and Finn are dueling with objects that are both very close to lightsabers, Finn is using a Z6 riot control baton, which is the very same model used in Finn’s fight with the Traitor-Trooper, or FN-2199, in the Force Awakens. Phasma is wielding a specially-made staff, which the origins of it and Phasma are revealed in the canon novel, Phasma, by Delilah D. Dawson. It is part of the journey to the Last Jedi series of novels. Anyway, the further confirmation of this plot is the only thing we need for Finn in this trailer. I just hope he doesn’t spend too much of the movie in a coma, we need his relationship with Rose to be developed as much as we can.

1) Raw, Untamed Power.
We begin with a recovering Kylo Ren. He is looking onto a First Order factory, producing regular old-empire AT-AT’s and the newer first order model, the AC-M6. Then, the AC-M6 are in action, trudging along the wastelands of Crait along with Kylo Ren’s Epsilon class First Order shuttle. Then a helmetless Kylo Ren is leading a squad of stormtroopers into a cave with a dusty red floor (all the while Snoke is voicing over with him finding Kylo, and his raw strength). A helmeted Kylo is then reaching for his crossguard lightsaber, which is either repaired, or a new saber in general. Then Rey is turning on her blue lightsaber, and thus begins the training montage. First she’s hiking to Luke’s mysterious force tree, then she’s looking at books, then she’s swinging her saber at a rock that may or may not have Yoda on it. But before anything can be revealed, she cracks the cliff ground by being just a bit too intense, but let me just say, Mark Hamill genuinely looks like he’s surprised, and later terrified, in these scenes. Anyway, Rey makes shards of rock float while meditating, and Luke begins to be worried. He’s seen this raw strength only once before, referring to Kylo, and it didn’t scare him enough then. We continue the flashback set up in the last teaser trailer, with the burning temple and Luke’s hand plunging out of a heap of destroyed wood. He collapses next to R2-D2 as the screen fades back to a morbid Mark Hamill, the untapped power scares him now. And then we go to the elevator and the conflicted Kylo, and we end the flashbacks.

This first part of the trailer has revealed all the big, juicy stuff that us fan have been waiting for!