Girls Are Now Allowed to Join Boy Scouts

Sammy Chintakrindi and Jazz Padgett

On Wednesday, October 12th, the Boy Scouts of America announced that girls will soon be able to join their organization. Young girls will be able to start as Cub Scouts, then make their way up to Eagle Scout, like any other boy. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are very different, which is why people were vying for them to be open to all people. Boy Scouts includes learning about scouting, and they have to pass requirements in physical fitness. In addition to that, they also develop leadership skills and perform community service. On the other hand, Girl Scouts learn entrepreneurship, life skills, and also do activities involving science, technology, engineering and math and also perform community service. Older girls lead workshops for younger girls to help with body positivity, making friends and leadership skills.


There are many mixed opinions on this. Some believe that this is a good thing, while others do not. Those who support this decision argue that this opens the door for girls who want to experience things that are not possible in Girl Scouts. However, some also believe that Boy Scouts was created as an organization for boys to develop and learn new life skills that were originally only meant for males, and the allowance of females may go against almost everything the organization stands for. This debacle boils down to gender equality, and whether it is unequal for an organization like the boy scouts, that receives government funding, to only allow one gender. Further, some who are against this are opposed simply because boys are not allowed in girl scouts, and claim that if those pressing for this change truly wanted equality this would be a major topic of discussion. In the end, Boy Scouts of America has already made a decision, and it will be interesting to see how the entire situation turns out.