The 10 Best Christmas Television Specials


Stratis Bohle

With the Christmas season in full swing, we are being bombarded with numerous Christmas specials on television this year on the Cable and Big 4 networks. Due to the abundance of these specials and their constant reruns, you can easily watch a special. Here are the Centreville Sentinel’s Top 10 Christmas Specials.

10. Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion

The second season opener of the revival show: we are straight off the Doctors regeneration into the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant. It’s Christmas time in modern-day London when an alien invasion by the Sycorax from Mars. The Doctor is incapacitated and his companion Rose is attacked by 3 killer robotic Santa’s in the middle of downtown London. The Doctor is heavily sarcastic in this episode to cement how the 10th Doctors personality would be.




9. South Park: Red Sleigh Down

In the South Park universe, Cartman is attempting to make amends with Santa so he would receive presents this year but is dismayed when he finds out that even if he cured AID’s and Cancer within the week till Christmas he’d still be in the red with Santa. Cartman desperate to receive presents convinces the gang to travel to the North Pole with Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo to convince Santa to travel to Iraq to spread Christmas cheer. Hilarity Ensues with Santa being shot down over Iraq and is tortured by the army.


8. Futurama: X-Mas Story

While on a ski trip, Fry begins to feel nostalgic for 20th century Christmases. To cheer him up, the rest of the Planet Express staff decide to decorate for what is now called Xmas, which includes cutting down a Xmas tree. While shopping for presents he is told the legend of the murderous Robotic Santa. Fry doesn’t heed their warnings and gets into a chase running away from the murderous Santa.

7. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This classic television special is based on Dr. Seuss’s’ classic story of the Grinch who wishes to stop Christmas from coming to the town of Whoville which is situated directly below his home on Mt. Crumpit. He dresses up as Santa with his dog Max dressed as one of Santa’s reindeer’s. They later spend Christmas Eve stealing Christmas presents to stop Christmas from coming.




6. A Year Without A Santa Claus

In the Rankin Bask television special, Santa has come down with a cold and thinks that no one believes in him. He is told by his doctor to take a vacation and Santa orders 2 elves to figure out whether or not people believe in Santa. It also is the first television special in which we meet the infamous Meiser Brothers along with their songs which are deeply rooted in pop culture.


5. The Office: Christmas Party

Seeing the party is headed for disastrous boredom after a horrible mistake on his part with Secret Santa, Michael breaks corporate policy to buy alcohol for the staff.



4. Rudolph the Red-Noised Reindeer

We follow the story of a Ruldoph a young red-nosed reindeer who, after being ousted from the reindeer games because of his red nose, teams up with Hermey, an elf who wants to be a dentist, and Yukon Cornelius, a prospector. They go on a travel of self-discovery. They run into the Abominable Snowman and find a whole island of misfit toys. Rudolph goes back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. But Santa’s sleigh is fogged in due to a nasty storm. Santa looks over Rudolph, he has him lead the Reindeer on their Christmas travels.

3. South Park: A Woodland Critter Christmas

For Cartman’s Christmas Homework Story he makes a story revolving around one of his best friends, Stan. In the story, Stan meets some talking woodland critters after killing a Mountain Lion and helps them prepare for their Christmas until he discovers that the critters worship Satan and are planning to unleash the Antichrist on the world.



2. The Simpsons: The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

In the inaugural episode of The Simpsons, the family comes home from the Elementary School Christmas pageant, and prepare for the holidays. The next day, during Christmas shopping, Bart slipped away from Marge and got a tattoo. Marge removes the tattoo with the help of Dermatologists but used all their Christmas money including Homer’s incoming bonus. Marge unaware the bonus was not coming thought everything would be fine. Homer attempts to hide this and ropes Bart into hiding this.




1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and Charlie Brown tells Linus that despite all the traditions of Christmas presents, holiday cards, and decorations, he still winds up depressed, but is not sure why. Linus dismisses Charlie Brown’s attitude as typical. Lucy tells him to direct the upcoming Christmas pageant but goes crazy with nobody listening to him. He is then told to go find a tree, but with his hate towards commercialism in Christmas, he picks up a scrawny little tree which reminds him of himself