9 Times the Simpsons have “Predicted” The Future


Aidan Herklotz

One of the most famous things about the 27th season of the “Simpsons” cartoon is how the show makes extremely bizarre predictions about events that happen in the future. These predictions have been happening since the show started, and have been getting more and more specific as it goes on. So here we are, the top ten times the Simpsons have “predicted” the future.

9) Auto-correct Going Haywire.

In the season six episode “Lisa on Ice”, Jimbo Kearney and Dolph were attending a school assembly, when Kearney tells Dolph to take a memo on his Newton (which is an old electronic device), “Beat up Martin.” The Newton then autocorrects this to “Eat up Martha.” Then Kearney threw the Newton at Martin’s head. This was foreshadowing smartphone users autocorrecting woes. This Simpsons moment actually inspired the developers of the original iphone to get the digital keyboard right.

8) Smart Watches.

This one is a bit of a stretch, but in the season six episode “Lisa’s Wedding”, one of the scenes from the future had Lisa’s fiance making a call on a flip-open smart watch, and this was twenty years before the Apple-Watch was first released. This is a stretch because, as you can see by the picture above, it looks absolutely nothing like the modern smart watch looks like today.

7) Faulty Voting Machines.

In 2008, the Simpsons aired an episode that featured a malfunctioning voting machine. Homer tried to vote for Barack Obama, but the machine made him vote for John McCain. Then the machine sucked him into a Chinese labor factory, but that isn’t the the point. The point is that in 2012, a man attempted to vote for Barack Obama, but it kept pressing Mitt Romney instead. It’s sort of eerie that the Simpsons could predict this just four years before it actually happened.

6) Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Halftime Show.

In 2017, Lady Gaga was chosen to perform the Super Bowl LI’s famous halftime show. In 2012, the Simpsons released an episode called “Lady Goes Gaga,” which featured Lady Gaga performing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The crazy thing about this was that in the episode, Lady Gaga was flying suspended on wires, just like in her actual halftime show. This was predicted five years before it actually happened.

5) Stealing Grease.

Grease is used in many industries, mainly fast-food. In a season ten episode of the Simpsons titled “Lard of the Dance,” Bart and Homer steal grease from the Krusty Burger and a Elementary School Cafeteria. In 2011, there were reports of over 3,000 dollars worth of grease stolen from St. Louis Wings Co. in Rockhill Missouri. The Simpsons may haven’t predicted the Elementary Cafeteria part of the grease scandal, but who would guess that people would actually be able to successfully steal grease.

4) Horse-meat Scandal.

In 1994, the Simpsons released an episode where Lunch Lady Doris was fishing through a tub labeled “Assorted Horse Parts (now with more testicles!).” In 2013, some Burger Kings in the UK admitted that, in fact, some of their meat products could possibly be tainted with horse meat. Gross. This is probably worse than Chipotle GMO scandal.

3) A Letter From the Beatles.

In the season 2 episode of the Simpsons titled “Brush With Greatness,” it is revealed that Marge Simpson painted several pictures of Ringo Starr when she was a teenager. She also sent the famous Beatles member a painting and a letter, which he finally replied to during the episode, all those years later. To everyone’s surprise, in 2013 two Beatles fans in Essex got a reply from Paul McCartney to a letter and recording that had been sent over fifty years earlier! Apparently, the recording was sent to a theater that the two fan’s band was supposed to play at, but was found years later by a car salesman in a car boot.

2) Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack.

In the season 5 episode “$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalised Gambling),” the Simpsons featured two magicians who were parodies of the famous german-American showmen Siegfried and Roy. In this episode, these parodies were comically mauled by their trained White Tiger. In 2003, the actual Roy Horn of the Siegfried and Roy duo was non-comically attacked by one of the magician’s white tigers, Manticore. While Roy survived, this attack tragically cut his magician career short.

1) Donald Trump’s Presidency.

In the season 11 episode “Bart to the Future,” Lisa Simpson is the president of the United States of America, and mentioned that President Donald Trump bankrupted the U.S. In another instance, a 2000 episode featured Donald Trump announcing his presidency in the exact way he actually did, waving as he went down the elevator of the New York Trump Tower. With the former example, it really is the best that it doesn’t come true, because with the state of our country now (bankrupt-wise), we really need all the economic help we can get.

And with that, those are the nine  times that the Simpsons best “predicted” the future. If some of your favorite predictions, stay tuned because there are dozens more to make another article out of. Remember everyone, keep loving the Simpsons.