Sam Smith and Adele : A Conspiracy Theory


Laghima Pandey


To date, there have been a lot of rumors and theories explaining the things that would have never crossed our minds. For example, the conspiracy of Avril Lavigne’s death and a duplicate replacing her, Lindsay Lohan having a twin who had been murdered by Disney, and Lady Gaga killing her best friend who was the original Lady Gaga. These theories can seem completely idiotic, but there are people who have collected evidence and have developed theories that sometimes lead us to believe them.

Here is another conspiracy theory over which people are freaking out: Sam Smith and Adele are the same person. It all started when someone pointed out that Adele and Sam Smith are never seen in the same room. Most people would obviously think that this is ridiculous, but other people are providing evidence and theories that are worth listening to.

Some believe that Sam Smith and Adele are same person, mostly because they realized that when one of them releases new music, the other one disappears from the spotlight. A user on twitter recently posted a video of him slowing down Adele’s two songs, “Hello,” and “Million Years Ago,” and it sounded exactly like Sam Smith. These are not the first songs which have had different vocals and meanings when played in a wrong way, when you play Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” backwards, it recounts Satanic messages such as, “Here’s to my sweet Satan.”

A person on twitter mentioned that Adele wasn’t at the Grammy’s this year, but Sam Smith was, and it is because they are the same person and we’ll never see them both in the same place at the same time. And now people are really questioning why they’ve never seen them in the same place at once. When you compare the two singers, they’re basically the same: both sing about love and heartbreak, both have Oscars, Golden Globes, and a ton of Grammy’s.

Adele and Sam Smith, two of the most famous and awarded singers, who both happen to be British, would have taken a photo together at some point, which would prove this theory wrong. But such photo doesn’t exist which further leads people to believe that they are the same person.