Top 9 Predictions For 2018 E3


E3 2017 was a major event in video games. We received the first native 4K video game console, the Xbox One X and the extension of Xbox One backward compatibility to original Xbox titles. VR expanded further into major Bethesda titles and Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime 4. To top last year, E3 2018 has to bring its A game. These 9 predictions  would top last years event.


#9 Star Fox: Grand Prix       

The rumored Star Fox sequel would be the first Star Fox title since the disastrous sales and critical response of 2016’s Star Fox Zero. The rumored sequel is to be a racing game with the flair of Diddy Kong Racing and F-Zero. It is reportedly being developed by Retro Studios which produced the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime series and the Donkey Kong Country Returns games. This seems to be a far-fetched idea, but with Retro’s current title under wraps and the shocking success of Mario & Rabbids this past summer, it would be hard to put this past Nintendo.

#8 Fallout 3 Anniversary Edition

Fallout 3 won Game of the year at its release and was critically acclaimed. But its a ten-year-old game, why would it be re-released? If you look at the fact that Bethesda loves to remaster their old titles or even repackage them, you would see this as an extremely good possibility. Currently only those with a PC, Xbox 360, PS3, or Xbox One through backwards compatibility, are able to play the game. If this were to be re-released, it would most likely be including all the DLC and be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and PC. With the sale numbers of last years Skyrim re-release, Bethesda would be more than inclined to sell some more units of a game they already made.


#7 Nintendo 64 Classic Edition

In late 2016, Nintendo released the NES classic, a year later in September, they released the SNES classic. They are simple game systems with an extremely small hard drive. The NES has 30 games and the SNES contains 20 titles with an extra unreleased Star Fox 2. The N64 has arguably some of the best exclusives for any Nintendo console due to the lack of 3rd party support during that era. With these titles on the system, it sure would sell like hotcakes.


#6 Halo 6

The unannounced sequel to 2015’s Halo 5 is most likely to be announced to be released this November at E3. The Halo franchise rarely goes over 3 years between the release of the main series titles. With this being the closing chapter of the Reclaimer Saga which is the trilogy after the original Bungie developed trilogy, One would expect it to be out before the decade is done, but the fact that Halo 5 did not sell as well as any of the previous titles, gives a little worry.

# 5 Wolfenstein II: Standalone Expansion

After the critical acclaim of Bethesda’s reboot of Wolfenstein in 2014 with Wolfenstein: The New Order, they released Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. With last years release of The New Colossus, a standalone expansion would not be surprising and be right on track with the previous release.


#4 Doom 2

DOOM was the second in the revitalization of the FPS grandfathers by Id Software. It, like Wolfenstein: The New Order was critically acclaimed, and the fan base is clamoring for a sequel. The original Dooms sequels 2 & 3 were released in 1994 and 2004 respectively. With the reboot of the series in 2016, it wouldn’t be out of Bethesda’s mind to make an actual sequel to a popular series, unlike the Elder Scrolls, where they just rehash a 7-year-old game without making anything standalone.



#3 Pokemon Switch

With the Pokemon press conference, on May 29, they revealed a spin-off, Pokemon Quest, a remake of Pokemon Yellow in Lets Go Pikachu, and confirmed that a next-generation Pokemon game that will release in the second half of 2019. By having a separate Pokemon press conference, Nintendo can just focus on Pokemon 2019 at E3 without revealing the other titles and not give valuable time to those spin-offs.

#2 Splinter Cell Sequel

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a video game franchise created by the late author, Tom Clancy. With Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s release in August 2012 and Tom Clancy’s death in October of that year, there have not been any Splinter Cell games since his death. This 5-year gap is the longest in the series, but there is hope, Ghost Recon Wildlands had a new DLC mission with Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame just this past year.


#1 Metroid Prime 4
The upcoming sequel to the acclaimed trilogy that originally started on the GameCube, has not seen a new game in 11 years. The teaser last year of the logo was well received and the fans have been clamoring for images or video of game-play from one of Nintendo’s most popular game. Having one year pass, since the last news will most likely mean that we will have new images and video.