Zoic: Poetry Submission by Shado




Squirrels scurry by

bushy tails deflated by the crying sky

they run and hide

Ready to emerge

When all is dry


Skinny Love


Our eyes

meet across the room

every day


Palms begin sweating

hearts hammer

Trying to break free

from constricting rib cages

‘Till one pulls away


our eyes meet

once again


Falling back into each other

every time


A word

never spoken between us

Dancing eyes

hammering hearts

and sweaty palms

Was all we’d ever have




she dreams

of tutus and pointe shoes

of solos

and duos

Clumsy feet

misplaced hands

Leaving her undeterred


A smile so wide

it lights up the room

As she dances

on dreams

of pointe shoes and tutus

I love you


I love so many things

about you

Here are just a few

to save some time


I love your eyes

The way they shine

and the way

you roll them

when I smile

at the cats in funny hats


Your acceptance

of my addiction

to all things sweet


my long term love affair

with Breyers homemade vanilla ice cream


I love the way

you know

I’m anything but perfection

Just as I know about you


In those ways

I love you

I know you do too


when you hate me too



a clear sky

crickets chirping

lovers walking side by side

fireflies dancing in the night

children giggling in the pale light

bedtimes long forgotten

with 3am coffee runs

crackling fires

and kissing goodbye for the night

oh the music of moonlight

The boy of his dreams


In the moonlight

A young heart breaks


All the forgotten rules

he’d had in place

come running back


Tears create tracks

down his shaking cheeks

A cool blue breeze

knocking them free

Along with the memories

of the boy

of his dreams



In the distance

fireflies dance with abandon

Boys sing songs

Trespassing on manhood

completely unaware



Etched in stone

forgiveness stands

before those who wish for it


Like rivers run

crying out to their lovers

Only finding absence

and shadows

As all their left with

is history

Stored away


What happens to a love stored away?

Does it sputter out

like a fire in the night?

Or grow like a flower through the concrete?

Does it smell like

dead flowers?

Or drunken nights

like shots sizzling down your throat?

Maybe it just consumes

like a black hole

Or does your heart just implode?



Spring flowers bloom

as the world begins again.

Animals awake

front long slumbers.

Rain washing everything clean

in vain.

In this world

full of life.