Zoic: Poetry Submissions by SH



“What Could Have Been”


On the floor

I sit alone

In an attic of forgotten pasts

And lost futures.


Your shirt against my skin

Flashes of our days and nights.

The brutal war

Our heartless fights

Until at last

a ceasefire


Wildly deafening silent screams

The madness of our fallen world.

A parting gift

One word:



But in the end,

all I am

is broken.


“If Only…”

My eyes were opened the day I met you

Your gentle smile

Your easy laughter

No wonder everyone liked you


I stood up a little straighter

When you walked into the room

Constantly turning around

To see if you were looking too


If only you had felt my heart flutter

My thoughts race

My hands shake

But you never felt what I felt


I have dreams of us together

Where you say those three words

I’ve lived the moment in my head

Rehearsed what we’ll never say


But your eyes shined

When she walked into the room

I saw you constantly fix your hair

Hoping she’d notice


You suddenly had everything in common

You wore your best sneakers

Listened to her favorite music

I know your world revolves around her


So I sit in class a little straighter

I turn around to look at you

But unlike you, she noticed

And now all she sees is you


“What’s Best for You”

They say you know what’s best for you

But if that were true

There’d be ten different versions of me

Facedown in a ditch on the side of a road

And if I wasn’t

You could guarantee that I’d have fallen

From that thirty foot tree

Or walked in front of a speeding car

On the way to go see

A tiny dog

If I somehow wasn’t facedown, fallen, or flattened

I’d probably still be lost in the woods

Getting chased by a bear

Who wanted to sit in my chair

Or I’d have drowned in a duck pond

Trying to reclaim my sandwich

That had so rudely been stolen

By those loud quacking goblins

But thankfully you had enough sense to save me

From being facedown, flattened, fallen, eaten, or drowned

Probably on multiple occasions

They say you know what’s best for you

And quite clearly

That is you