Zoic: Poems by Kathryn Artis


Salt Water Taffy

Water trickles down
The surface of my skin,
The bitter taste of salt
Ever present like a sin.
The water never dries-
It always sticks to me,
Driving me insane
And forcing from me pleas.

Miss Exist

The push-
The strain,
The pull-
The drain,
Sweat drips down a taught brow
As adrenaline floods from vein to vein.

I step-
Push onward,
I kick-
Fall forward,
My limbs numb from pain grapple and grip
As my mind teeters between the Fail-and-Win border.

The past-
The present-
Ever here,
My future lies on a precarious edge
As I force my mind to squander my fear.

I wish-
My life-
A gift,
In which I am to prepare
To make my existence missed.


Today I Die

Winter breeze
Rolling by,
Rounded hills
Reaching high.
Endless clouds
Fill the sky
And my only thought
Is, ‘Today I die.’

Artillery fire
Cracks the air,
While dirt and shrapnel
Fly everywhere.

The screams and cries
Of our men are heard
By those who live
And still fight for the bird.

But the winter breeze
Keeps rolling by,
The souls of my men
Flying ever high,
The endless clouds
Of smoke fill the sky
And with one last glance
At my men, I die.



A lone traveller surmounts the seas,
Crosses continents,
Feeling free.

A lone traveller basks in the sights,
Experiences cultures,
And nature’s plight.

A lone traveller marvels in ways
That people abroad
Will spend their days.

A lone traveller travels the land,
Stays not a day
Because no one understands.

And yet a lone traveller will travel for days
In hopes that perhaps finally
Someplace will make them stay.


Soldier Black

Black skies,
Cold as night
Pass on by
Till morning light.
Soldier runs,
Soldier fights,
Soldier uses all his might.

Black clouds
Filled with rain
Dump on soldier
And bring him pain.
Soldier loses,
Soldier gains,
Soldier loses all that’s sane.

Black dream-
A feather touch,
With just a hush.
Soldier wakes
From just a touch,
His dream forgotten
But meaning much.

Black pavement,
Rushing by,
End the misery
In soldier’s eye.
Soldier thinks,
Soldier flies,
Soldier says his great goodbyes.