Change in 2018-2019


Maddie Miles and Gabby Martis

The new 2018-2019 school year has brought many changes to Centreville High school. Starting this fall the bell schedule will be changed so that instead of having seventh period everyday it will be third. The plus block will still be after first or second period and all class times will remain the same of about an hour and 30 minutes. School will still start at 8:10 and end at 2:55. On A days the schedule will be first, plus, third, fifth, and seventh. On B days classes will be second, plus, third, fourth, and sixth.

Earlier lunches for students is the main reason for the schedule change. By having third everyday, students will be able to eat 40 minutes earlier compared to this year. For example, A lunch, rather than starting at 11:52, will start at 11:16. D lunch, rather than ending at 2:01, will end at 1:17. In addition, the Centreville bell schedule did not match the FCPS academy bell schedule. In the past, this has led to difficulty in student selections for their academy classes. Centreville is one of the only schools in the area that doesn’t have fourth or third period as their constant. This is just another reason administrators believed a bell schedule change was needed.