Sydney Brobbey: Cardi vs Nicki– Whose Side Are You On?

Sydney Brobbey

Cardi B was left with one red bottom heel and a ripped, red Dolce & Gabbana dress after reportedly chucking her other red bottom heel at Nicki Minaj on September 8th at the Harper Bazaar bash during Fashion Week.

Cardi B, as reported by PEOPLE Magazine, was left with a knot in her head caused by Minaj’s security guard, while Minaj was left unharmed. Minaj has recently stated, according to an interview by PEOPLE Magazine, that she was , “[a] part of something so mortifying and so humiliating[;] go[ing] through [the incident] in front of a bunch of upper echelon… people who have their life together”-but Cardi B doesn’t quite feel the same way- she might do it again if she gets the chance.

Friday night’s altercation was bound to happen: the two rappers were already having problems.

Cardi B has been in the rap game for about two years now, and she hit stardom once she dropped Bodak Yellow last summer- the summer 2017 hit song that went 5x platinum. Her recent hits “I Like It”, “Be Careful”, and “Drip” have been consistently putting her on Billboard charts as #1, or at least in the top 10,  and the hit singles have also given her the name as one of the best female rappers.

Nicki Minaj has been in the rap game for over a decade, and every time she drooped singles like her recents- “Chun-Li” , “Barbie Dreams”, and “Barbie Tingz”- they chart #1 nearly everywhere. Recently, that has changed, though, and she doesn’t seem to be taking it well.

For the past year since their collab on “MotorSport” ft. Migos came out, Minaj and B have been beefing – but it was never as deep as the recent incident made it seem like. The two rappers have also been taking each other’s places as #1 on Billboard charts- but Minaj can’t imagine anyone coming to steal her throne as queen on the charts. Their fan bases- Bardi Gang and Barbz- have been instigating their beef for the past year, and this past Friday, the beef got real.

These women have thrown subliminal shots at each other through radio talk shows( Minaj’s Queen Radio on Apple Music), InstaLive(Cardi B), and favorites on Twitter, but matters only got worse when at Harper Bazaar’s bash, reporters claim that Nicki Minaj negatively commented on Cardi’s parenting skills and her daughter in general.

Cardi was enraged in a video taken at the event, and to serve Nicki with the payback she deserved, Cardi chucked her shoe at Minaj. Cardi reportedly said to Minaj, “…talk about my daughter again” and then she went on to post on her Instagram later that night stating in the picture below:

Quite frankly, the beef did not have to result in violence, but if you were in Cardi’s position, what would you do? If you were Nicki Minaj, would you take back what you said?

(Photo: People Magazine)