Are you ready to party?

Sydney Brobby

Is Centreville ready to party like it’s 1988 all over again? Oh yeah? Well, come join SGA on October 6th for the hottest homecoming you’ve ever attended.

Centreville High School is turning 30 years old, and you know what that means… it’s a party! That’s right, we are going to have a party for homecoming, and it’s going to be so lit that you wouldn’t want to miss it.

As a current member of SGA, I can personally say that we are planning for this year’s homecoming to be the most memorable one that you’ve ever attended- a night that you can’t possibly forget. This year’s homecoming is 80’s themed, so bring out your neon dresses, pants, platform heels, and boots  so that we can all have a blast. There are going to be PACMAN heads, MTV-themed shows, photo booths, and many more that you will have to come and see for yourself.

To hype up this year’s homecoming, SGA will be bringing back “Taste of Centreville”, an event that has a food cart with your favorite burgers, fries, ice cream and more. The Taste of Centreville food cart will be located in the center of the student parking lot on the night of the homecoming football game. SGA will also have a parade around Union Mill that has your homecoming court riding in convertibles, your marching band playing through the streets, and your cheer, dance, and step teams doing what they do best — cheer, dance and step. These moments will take place on October 5th, the night before homecoming.

During the week of homecoming, SGA has planned a spirit week that each student will be able to participate in. The Monday of spirit week is designated to be denim day, so bring out all your shades of denim and layer up; maybe even wear denim on denim. On the Tuesday, each class is designated a salad dressing . Seniors have caesar dressing, so bring out the togas; juniors have thousand island, so dress tropical; sophomores have ranch, so be a farmer; and freshman have french, so be French for the day. On the Wednesday, all students will wear pink to support breast cancer patients. On the Thursday, all students will dress in 80’s fashion, and on the Friday, each class will rock their colors. The seniors will wear black, the juniors will wear blue, the sophomores will wear white, and the freshman will wear grey. Get ready for a lit spirit week!

Homecoming will be unforgettable this year, so come join SGA in participating in spirit week and attending homecoming.