“Play for the Cure” Field Hockey Game

Kaya Squirewell

On Tuesday October 2nd, Centreville High School’s JV Field Hockey Team played their rival school, Westfield, on their home field. The young ladies, coached by Jenna Weinberg, were prepared to go into the game with the motivation of a big win. This game was especially an important one to win because it was “play for the cure” night. “Play for the cure” is an event where the proceeds made from the tickets and concessions go towards cancer research. Players wore pink jerseys in honor of cancer patients. The game created a lot of excitement for the players and audience.

Both teams started the game with dominance. The girls were quick on their feet and were competitive from the start of the game, using great communication skills whether they were in or out of the game. In the beginning of the first half, sophomore forward Lydia Kim had scored a goal and the team jumped with excitement. But, since she was outside the circle, the goal did not count even though the ball rolled inside the net. The girls were disappointed, but they were determined to score again. Each team’s outstanding, physical defense was not allowing anything to get inside the net. The first half of the game ended with both teams having not yet scored yet while the second half became more intense as the ladies were out to win before the game came to an end. 

The game had ended in a tie with a score of 0-0. It was a game of passion and the tough rivalry between  the two schools. JV starter, Karyna Hetman, commented after the game that “As always, the match against Westfield is always a big event, but this time it was especially important because it was ‘play for the cure night.'” Although nobody had won, the girls played hard and competed well, playing against their biggest opponents, the Bulldogs.