Zoic: Poetry by Anonymous

Zoic: Poetry by Anonymous



The day will come

When my love for you will be gone

When my eyes will be your paradise

When you’ll realize, my love wasn’t a game of dice


Still sit in the corner alone

And recall the moment when my love was blown

Still remember how my dreams were shattered

But I have learned to climb up the ladder


You’ll know how it would be, being a deaf leaf

Being an injured bird with many desires on a cliff

You’ll know the feeling of this unnoticed chap

Whose wings feel down before it learns to flap


But it’ll be too late when you’ll realize my love

Shadows of my hands will be long gone when you cry and sob

The day you’ll come remembering me

My name inscript in the tomb is what you’ll see


I’ll be loving you until my life encounters my death

Your name, my love will be my last breath

My only desire is to see a smile in your face

Be with you forever in life’s long race….


A reason is why I stand


Being the reason behind someone’s cry

Was something beyond my try

Being the reason behind someone’s fake smile

Was something that sank me in the river of Nile


Being the reason behind someone’s fading eyes

Was something that wasn’t sweet as a pie

Being the reason behind someone’s tear

Was something more than a nightmare


I became the one whom I never dared to be

Now, I stand in a fright when you come near me

Thought I would kick away your tears

But here, I am in pain which can never heal


Depressed Heart


I lie on the grassy ground

Soft breeze everywhere in the noisy town

The curve on my lips feel the pain

And here I am, holding my aching tears