The Best Moments From The Man in the High Castle Season 3



The Man in the High Castle finally has a third season, and considering that they promised it would come out November of last year, I think it’s about time. This season brilliantly ties the last two together and continues the storylines of so many characters, so let’s not waste any more of our time. This is the best moments from the Man in the High Castle Season 3. Also, if you haven’t seen the new season, don’t read this, it contains major spoilers. You’ve been warned.

  • Thomas’ Ceremony.

This scene is an excellent way to ring in the new series, as well as explaining what happened to Thomas after the season 2 finale. It also explains just how devoted American-German citizens are to the Nazi Party, with one of their own sacrificing themselves just for an ideology of their party, not even to save others or his nation. But, in all fairness, this is an excellent way to honor Thomas’ life and his sacrifice as I think we can all agree that a documentary made about your life would be pretty cool. Even if it was just propaganda.

  • Joe’s Progression over the Season.

Over the entire show, Joe Blake has definitely had some trials and tribulations. He thought Juliana was dead, he found out he was Lebensborn, his dad turned out to be a traitor, he was arrested by the Reich, etc. etc. But, this season was when Joe’s hardships finally climaxed. First, he was forced to kill his own father, then he was conscripted as a spy by the Reich, where he had to assassinate several other defectors in the Pacific States, and when he finally reunited with his long lost love who he thought was dead, she slit his throat. Joe’s story may have been cut short, but I do think it was resolved at the right time and in the right way, after he was done praising the Nazi Party. Here’s hoping one of his alternate versions will return in  season 4, but if not, Joe was one of the best characters in the show, and he will be missed.

  • Various Jahr Null Scenes.

If the Nazis won World War II and successfully invaded the United States, the Jahr Null project is definitely something that they would do. While I don’t usually praise the Man in the High Castle for it’s realisticness (in the book the Nazi’s successfully colonize the solar systems and build giant space robots), but this is definitely a good judgement of character for the Nazi Leadership and Himmler. And it’s realisticness isn’t the best part about Jahr Null, the symbolism and entire shock factor is excellent too. Just the sight of the remains of the Liberty Bell being turned into a swastika just hurts me inside. And I didn’t even mention the Statue of Liberty being completely destroyed in a beautiful display of explosions which is just terrifying…to say the least. The destruction of these two glorious monuments truly exemplifies the annihilation of American culture and ideals.

  • Reunion.

For most of seasons two and three, I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the main group (Julianna, Frank, and Ed) to finally come back together and see each other again (before they all die), and to my delight, in episode 7, they finally did. This was a pretty heartwarming moment. First of all, it’s not just that they haven’t seen each other together in such a long time, it’s also that they thought one of the members of the group was dead (obviously, everyone did). But also, this wasn’t an actual proper goodbye, more like a see-you-later, which makes this sort of a bittersweet reunion, because of what happens in the end of episode nine (stay tuned to find out what happens then).

  • Technological Travelling.

Remember when I mentioned shock value in the “Jahr Null” section of the article? Well this is basically the same principle. The sheer sight of that vast oval-shaped tunnel surrounded by all kinds of sinister-looking machinery just brings shivers down my spine. And remember, all that’s without the legion of Nazi soldiers marching through those gates, going to take over the next world, and the next, and the next. It’s all just creepy to think about, for all we know, we could see some universe jumping Nazi’s storming our New York, or our San Francisco. This is without a doubt the most evil piece of technology this show has introduced… so far.

  • The Final Scenes.

The ending scenes from episode ten of this seasons really bring me hope for the future of this show. There seems to be so many interesting storylines going forward. Yes, season two did this as well, but I just don’t think they did it quite as good as this season. Firstly, we have the growing of the resistance, with Wyatt (or Liam, whatever) mass-distributing all of the “Grasshopper Lies Heavy” films to the Pacific States, and with Frank’s banner design flying over San Francisco’s Coit Tower. This moment is both a great example of shock value (again?), and a fantastic memorial to Frank’s sacrifice. Secondly, we have the resolution of the John-Helen storyline all come to a head with that heartbreaking phone call. I expected that Helen would unexpectedly leave for a weekend or whatever, but I certainly didn’t foresee her going on the run and taking the kids with her. That’s just plain cruel. And lastly, and here’s the big one–Julianna travelling! This one I kind of saw coming, since her sister can do the same thing, but I didn’t actually expect that she’d be captured in the first place, much less that John would shoot her on her way out. I’m just hoping that she pulls a Kotomichi and the travelling away will heal her injuries. Also, I hope I’m not being too optimistic about this, because I really don’t want another main character to die. Anyway, assuming that she does survive, I really hope she doesn’t come to our universe, but instead she goes to the actual “Grasshopper Lies Heavy”, the one from the book. This is a scenario where the U.S. and Britain are the opposing sides in a Cold War, instead of the U.S. and the Soviets, or the Nazi’s and the Japanese. That would be a very interesting homage to Philip K. Dick’s original masterpiece.

  • Frank’s Death Scene, AKA the Big One.

Okay, now this is the one that really hit me where it hurts, my heart. Just the whole combination of the Hebrew prayer, the beautiful New Mexico cliffs and sunset, and Inspector Kido suiting up into his military uniform, and all building up to the climax of Kido brutally, but gracefully, slicing Frank’s head clean off his neck. Though, this scene isn’t all bad, apparently in Japanese culture, this means of death (the decapitating) is actually an honorable way to be executed, so at least Frank was being given some twisted version of mercy. Although, the death isn’t even the worst part of this scene, but it’s what comes after. Ed will never reunite with his best friend; Julianna will never actually get a true goodbye with her husband. That is, unless she meets him in whatever alternate reality she travelled to, which is what I now wish is will happen.

Those were some of the best moments from the newest season of the Amazon Prime video series the Man in the High Castle. Yes, I did leave a lot of things out, but if I included everything I liked from the newest season, this would probably be ten articles. If you still haven’t seen the series (even though I told you to in the first paragraph) I would absolutely suggest watching it now. It’s an insanely good show, and it’s only on Amazon Prime Video. Thanks a million for reading.