Alex Skelley: The Woman, the Myth, the Socialist Idiot- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Alex Skelley




Reader discretion is advised.

On Jan 3, 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be “inaugurated” to her new seat in the House of Representatives, and will be “signing bills” on healthcare. That’s at least according to her. It ignores the facts that first off, congress does not have inaugurations, and second, congress and it’s member do not sign bills, the president does, but that’s not important to dwell on. What is important is that on Jan 3, 2019, she will indeed take her seat in Congress as a representative for New York’s 14th district.

She’s been praised as the new face of the Democratic Party, a Socialist movement leader, and a progressive champion. To earn a title like this she has shown her great moral leadership, her cool and collected attitude, her unmatched wit and intelligence, and her utmost integrity, right? No not really, but we’ll dive into that shortly.

Being praised as the new face of the democratic party, and the future of its people, I believe it’s important to analyze this woman. My basic analysis is that she’s an unintelligent, far-left, dangerous panderer, who just so happens to have a knack for politicking. Let me call her an idiotic, socialist authoritarian if I may, and let’s dive into why she deserves these characterizations.

Starting off, it is apparent that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is prone to many unintelligent blunders and gaffs that rile up her base with panic. For example, she said in a homemade video, “We need to take back all three chambers of congress, or rather all three chambers of the government: the house, the senate, and the presidency.” Apparently the representative failed to note that the Supreme Court is also a branch of our government. Also, it’s basic knowledge from 8th grade civics that there are two chambers of Congress, and the presidency isn’t one of them.


Or when in an interview about the economy and unemployment, she said: “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs,” which doesn’t even align with common sense, much less factual data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that while 6-7 million adults work two jobs, 148 million Americans only work one job, which isn’t even close to a majority, much less “everyone.”


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Two Jobs Gaffe


Or even when she stated that if we didn’t do something about climate change now, people are going to die. In response to a report on climate change, she issued the following statement: “People are going to die if we don’t start addressing climate change ASAP. It’s not enough to think it’s ‘important.’ We must make it urgent.” This really was a blatant over reaction to the report, that really resulted in people being riled up in a misinformed panic. No one’s going to die, no one’s really in danger of dying, so she should stop using reports like this to push climate change legislation and business regulations.

I find it incredibly surprising that these uninformed and idiotic comments are coming from one of our elected congresswomen, and even more, one that’s known as “the new face of the Democratic Party”. The comments definitely aren’t helpful, they are easily dismantled and discredited with fact and logic or even common sense, and all they do is misinform people about political issues and government. Honestly, she needs to clean up her act here, or get out of the way, before she steamrolls over herself, her party, or even the United States.

Along with her hilarious blunders are her dangerously far-left stances. The big ideological point to look at is that she is a full blown believer and follower of Socialism, heralding it as the glorious path to economic equality and fairness, and is a member and ardent supporter of the Democratic Socialists of America. And yes, we’re talking about the real Socialism. The idea that led to tens of millions of deaths in the 20th century, used by Stalin, Mao, and Castro. The government sponsored theft that almost always leads to near universal poverty. The  economic system that has never worked, and will probably never work.

Putting this all aside, she loves this idea, and is again, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Despite the fact that this economic system goes against US principles of property rights, she preaches the redistribution of wealth as the answer to all our problems because it’s “fair”, and creates “equality”. For example, she stated on her campaign website the socialism creates “A system where people pay their fair share that respects basic humanity.” She praises socialist systems like the Nordic Countries which aren’t actually Socialist, and are mainly supported by structures of Capitalism and Free Markets, and and ignores places where socialism was implemented and failed like the USSR or Venezuela. I’ll grant her the one point that yes, socialism creates economic equality, it’s just that everyone ends up equally poor. As with being fair, I don’t think there’s anything fair about taking people’s hard earned money and giving it away. This is an absolutely evil ideology for her to hold, and it should be called out for what it is: the government theft of people’s hard earned money, that almost always leads to poverty and death.

I’d now like to highlight that Socialism isn’t her only far left stance. I also need to say that it’s not like these other positions aren’t out of bad intentions, it’s just that they’re unintelligent. Her views on the economy, healthcare, and college would steal peoples money, and destroy the economy with taxes and regulation. Her views on gun control that we should ban “assault weapons” would lead to Un-American infringement on the 2nd amendment. Her position that we should abolish ICE would take many jobs away from Americans in the department, and would leave no one to enforce basic immigration law that is meant to ensure the safety and prosperity of the United States. What I’m getting at is a lot of the things she advocates for are very Authoritarian, and would violate a lot of traditionally American rights and principles, such as the 2nd amendment, or the idea that people should keep their hard earned money, and use it for what they need it for. This is dangerous because those rights and principles are there to protect citizens from the government, and getting rid of them can lead us down the same road as the USSR, China, or Nazi Germany. All of these views are far left, and definitely not very mainstream, except maybe her socialist views with Millenials, which 40%+ of these young people support (though socialism is definitely mainstream in the US).

Despite holding the above far-left, almost radical positions, along with many others that I didn’t get to in this article, and her continued slew of unintelligent comments, she is still successful. This is because, and I will concede this, that she is a great politician who can connect with people very well, especially young people. She can appeal to people’s emotions, come off as cool and hip, and even deliver engaging speeches. This great political skill is basically the entire reason she has any popularity. The other reason is, young people’s poor understanding of socialism, which is supported by a poll reported by Political Insider showed that 69 percent of Millennials can’t define Socialism.

I’d like to wrap this up by restating and simplifying my opinion on her: she is an idiotic, ill-informed, far-left socialist, who’s popularity almost entirely comes from political skill and misinformation. Whether you agree or disagree with me about her, be it regarding her intelligence or her stances, it will be interesting to watch her over the next few years. She may even succeed with her ideas, but I’d personally say that’s as likely as the 49ers (2-9) winning the Superbowl 100 to nothing.