Orchestra Winter Concert

Centreville High School’s upcoming orchestra concert will be performed on December 13th at the school Auditorium from 7-8:30pm, but be sure to stay for cake! The Liberty Middle School students will be helping with the concert and they will be performing with our CVHS orchestra. There are no tickets, everyone’s invited!

Students who have been practicing from the beginning of November, will put up a spectacular performance. “We are extremely prepared, every group will perform two pieces. They have a lot of expression on their face and their energy is really really good!” says Ms. Morrison, the teacher of the CVHS Orchestra.

We interviewed some of the violin players, and they feel very confident about this concert, but nervous at the same time. “I’m super nervous because I’m trying really hard”, says Astrid, a senior who has been playing for 6 years. “I’m a little nervous”, Sammy, who is in her junior year and has been playing for seven years. Gabbie, a senior who has been playing for 4 years, says that she will be nervous right before she goes on stage. James, a junior with over 7 years of playing experience, exclaims that he is excited for the spotlight because he loves to get attention.

So come down to support our school’s Orchestra team!

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