Michail Popkov


Ariana Warner

Michail Popkov, a former Russian ex-police officer, was given his second life sentence for 56 murders. Between the years 1992-2007, Michail murdered 55 women and a male officer as well. He even raped 11 out of the 55 women he murdered. He was going to buy a new car to get rid of evidence from his other car, where he got pulled over. In 2015, officers found his murder weapons, and he was soon arrested and got his first life sentence. He soon confessed to his youngest victim being 15 years old, and his oldest being 40 years old. Popkov captured his victims by offering females late night rides. Most of his victims were intoxicated, and couldn’t drive themselves home. In his vehicle, he would murder them. He would use screwdrivers, axes, knives, even hammers, and dump their bodies on the side of the road, in the woods, and even in a cemetery.


When investigators found a DNA match between his car and victims, he confessed to 20 murders they weren’t aware of. According to interfax news “He told a cellmate he killed more people than Chikatilo (another serial killer).” Once that message got back to the officers, another investigation came about. Some victims were found alive, but soon died in the hospital. Popkov received his second life sentence after more of his crimes were unearthed. Prosecutors describe him as having a “Pathological attraction to killing,” meaning he has an addiction as you can say, to watching his victims suffer.