3 Dead In Torrance Bowling Alley Shooting


Gable House Bowl in Torrance (Reuters)

Kaya Squirewell

The Gable House Bowl is a popular gaming venue in Torrance, California that provides an arcade, bowling alley, and laser tag. Unfortunately, on January 6, three men were found dead while four others were injured in a deadly shooting at the bowling alley after midnight on Saturday. The Torrance Police Department tweeted that “there were reports of shots fired with multiple victims down” at the gable house. Police warned others to stay away from the area as they continued to investigate the crime scene. The details of the happenings have not been released, but witnesses stated that the shooting occurred by an argument between a group of people. The shooter hasn’t been found and victims have not been identified yet by police.  


One of the witnesses, Wes Hamad, who was at the bowling alley with his niece and cousin during the time of the break out, said he saw a “huge fight” happen before the shooting. He described the fight turning into “complete chaos” then blocking the entrance of the Gable House Bowl. Hammad said: “I grabbed my niece and started running toward the far end of the bowling alley. As we were running, we heard 15 shots”. Many other witnesses described the shots as being fired after the mob of people fighting. Investigators are still trying to figure out if the shots came from one gunman or a group.


60 year old man, Dwayne Edwards, had received a call from his nephew. He unfortunately was informed with heartbreaking news, finding out his son, Astin Edwards, was one of the three men killed. The nephew began to explain to him that Astin was trying to break up the fight when one of then men “just started unloading”. Mr. Edwards could not believe what he was hearing. He was in denial and thought it was a dream he could potentially wake up from. When reality hit him, he began to ask, why? He did not understand how such a good kid could be gone so soon.


California Senator Kamala Harris says that her “heart breaks for the victims of the shooting in Torrance and their loved ones”. Harris then decided to make a plea for gun safety and express her feelings about the situation through twitter by saying, “We must do more to address gun violence. Americans should be able to go to a bowling alley and be safe”.