Abduction and Dollars

Ariana Warner

Last Wednesday, January 9th 2019, confirmed the abduction of one of the richest men’s wives. Her kidnapper demanded money, and the price was far from low. 68 year old Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagem has been missing since Halloween of 2018. Anne’s husband, Tom Hagen, a real estate investor and one of the richest men in Norway
with a fortune of $200 million dollars, came home to see his wife missing, a note demanding money, and a few threats as well. 

The note demanded Tom to give them $10.3 million dollars, and if the police were involved with the ransom, and kidnapping, Anne would be killed. “The reason for us to go public with this case now is that despite a broad and extensive investigation, we need more information,” an officer stated. A surveillance video has been available to the police and they hope it will help them on this case. “We have access to surveillance video showing persons moving on the outside of the building on the day in question,” Chief police investigator, Tommy Broske, stated in a press conference.

The video shows two people walking outside the building, including a cyclist who passed by. Broske also stated, they don’t know where she’s hidden and officials are actively searching for the three people involved. Nobody has heard anything about her recently, or found her yet. They aren’t aware if she’s alive or not, but they’re hoping for the best.