February Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Hanrahan


Huda Khan

Anthony Hanrahan has been a teacher here at Centreville High School for about three years. I’ve had him for two years out of those three years, and he has been an amazing teacher. He teaches a team-taught World History Two class with Mrs. Sheppard, and a team-taught U.S. and Virginia history class with Mr. Celentano. Lastly, he teaches my 3rd period US/VA history class.

History is often seen as a boring class, but Mr. Hanrahan really knows how to make it interesting. He finds new ways to make the class fun and productive by putting together a mix of projects, videos, and notes to make it more fun. Additionally, Mr. Hanrahan created a fun way for us to get out of class and walk around while taking notes called “gallery walks”. This gives us a way to get out of class, walk around a bit, but also learn at the same time. He is a bit strict, as well as a bit lenient, both at the same time. He shares many jokes and laughs throughout the lessons. Giving his students many opportunities, Mr. Hanrahan opens up many ways to help bring up grades. He gives open-note re-take opportunities as well as taking late work. Really, the only way you could possibly be failing his class is if you are not doing the already limited work he gives or the opportunities provided.

Mr. Hanrahan has two kids, whom he loves to play with. He enjoys watching sports and used to play football in high school, but due to health issues, cannot anymore. If he was not a teacher, Mr. Hanrahan would be a firefighter or do some other public job. He says he cannot sit behind a desk all day, and he likes work with as well as help people.

Mr. Hanrahan says that his favorite part about Centreville is the students. He loves the students, being in the classroom, and planning lessons. The only thing that he dislikes about teaching is all the administrative paperwork, such as the attendance and, from time to time, discipline referrals. Mr. Hanrahan is a respectful, dedicated and compassionate person, both inside the classroom and out.