Ariana Warner, Author

Have you ever been so cold you thought you would freeze to death? Well, that’s the reality in the Midwest. Many places like Chicago, Detroit, and Iowa have had temperatures so low many people are losing their lives. Many have been found dead outside of their homes, and most are elderly men in their 50’s and 70’s. A student from an Iowa campus was found unconscious behind the school and later died; multiple elderly men died, freezing to death outside; a young couple died from a collision; and another elderly man died after being hit by a snowplow. 

Unfortunately, many homeless people have frozen to death as well. They are stuck outside in this extreme weather with nowhere to go. Fortunately, people are helping out, and some have even booked hotel rooms for them to stay in and keep warm.

Not only are people losing their lives, but people cannot bare to step outside. The windchill is so strong, it’s strong enough to give you frostbite in five minutes! In Chicago, the temperatures are even colder than the temperatures in Antarctica.

Thousands of flights and trains have been cancelled in Chicago, which is preventing those who’s flights and trains were cancelled from reaching their destinations. People and authorities are very worried about their safety. Twenty-two cars were found piled up in New York, with no sign of people or injuries. They’re looking into that to make sure that those involved are safe.

A polar vortex is what’s being blamed for this deadly weather. But what is a polar vortex? A polar vortex is a low pressure area, with swirling cold air. Those who missed work, due to the weather, will have to return shortly, even though the weather isn’t getting any warmer. Sadly there is no solution to this problem, except staying inside and keeping warm. Many lives have been taken away, especially those of many innocent people who were taken too early. Those who are homeless have been found frozen to death in alleys and sitting on benches. Thankfully, many were able to stay in hotels, due to the kindness of others. Hopefully temperatures will get warmer and everything can go back to normal Stay warm!