Zoic: Opportunity Cost

Alex Skelley

Robert Frost taught us about The Road Not Taken

He taught us about choosing a path

About the roads we go down in life

About how ‘what could have been’ will impose its rath


The message he conveyed was a timeless one

On a basis we see day after day

From what we should wear, to who we should see

And even just what we say


The best of us learned as kids about making a choice

Do you want cookies or brownies?

No, you can’t have both

When you choose one, you can’t have the other


And this dilemma brings you to a holt


Later in high school we endured this dilemma again

And it made us procrastinate

Should I study, or party, or go out on a date?


If you pick a party, you may lose a lover or say goodbye to your A in Government

But the point is you can only choose one

But to have it, the others you must trade


Maybe you have $1.99, and you’re at a gas station to shop

You’re ready to get something, but the variety makes you stop


Starbursts, Snickers, or a Hershey’s bar?

You only have enough for one bar

You pick the Hershey’s and get in your car

But of Snickers and Starbursts you have none


In sports we see it all the time

Should I win or get that pay?

New England has the best record, but the money’s in LA

Win on a pay cut, or get that bank and lose

Pick an opportunity, it’s there for you to choose


In life, we’re faced with choices

Of this or that, not and

You can only pick one

And this we understand


When you pick one over the other

The other one is lost

You lose the opportunity

That’s called opportunity cost