Zoic: Horror Stories

Bianka Brianna Balcazar

Midnight All Alone
Chapter 1

(My brother’s P.O.V)
    I went to my home country Bolivia when I was 16 years old. I stayed at my aunt’s house where my uncle had a shooting range behind his house. I was outside at night in the guard tower with my uncle’s gun trying to hunt for some animals, I wanted to try and use the new night vision in his gun. My aunt and uncle were out for the night so I had the whole house to myself. I was there for a good 20 minutes on the tower, trying to see some movement when I saw something moving from the corner of my eye. I pointed the gun right where there was movement, and I saw a man that was dressed all in black. Black shoes, black pants, black hoodie with the hood over his head. I still had the gun pointed at him and closely observed what the person was doing. He was holding something in his left shoulder.


I could have shot him, but using a gun on a person is scary. I don’t know what’s in the bag and I really hope it stays that way. While stalking whoever was there, it felt like he was looking at me. I hid behind the wall for 10 minutes, not moving, praying to God that he didn’t see me, but I thought to myself “how the hell can he see me when it’s pitch black out here?” I was sitting there for awhile when I felt like someone was climbing up the ladder from the tower. I felt that the tower was shaking a little. The person who was trying to get up there only climbed two ladders up then fell to the ground. I got up to see if there was someone, but no one was there.

I went down the ladder taking out a flashlight out of my pocket and I started running. I was so stupid to take the flashlight out because I heard footsteps coming behind me. I turned to my right and there he was, after me! I shot him in the left shoulder,which gave me time to get to my house. When I got there I called the police. They arrived within 15 minutes with the search team and i took them where he was shot. He left the bag behind and in that bag was a dead body. Traces of blood were on the leaves and the blood trail took us to the tree where he was hiding. They found him took him to jail. After that incident, I never heard about him or saw him ever again in my life.


A Bizarre Delivery Run
Chapter 2

(Cousin’s P.O.V)
I worked in a pizza place, in my hometown, as a delivery boy. Our rule for the place is that we do a 20 minute drive, but never longer if anyone wanted a delivery. It was my last delivery, for the night, to a house. I was driving my car, bored and tired, going to a house that’s an hour away from my work. But our rule is only a  20-minute drive. Anyways I think there was a party at the house because the order consisted of four large pizzas, but this is amazing because I could probably get some good tips. When I got there, there was no music. No people. I started to wonder “what the hell is this?” I knocked on the door two times, but there was no answer. As soon as I was going to knock for the third time, I heard footsteps coming from upstairs, through the room and right on the other side of the door.
Whoever was on the other side just stopped. I looked around the area just to realize there was a peephole on the door. I stood there waiting for whoever to open the door, but soon after a deep voice said, “go around the house.” “are you sure?” I asked. Nobody answered. The footsteps didn’t leave the door. I thought he was watching me and I started to get creeped out and confused.


I went around the house assuming it was the backyard of the owner. When I got there, there was a table with 4 chairs. As I get closer, someone was sitting on one of the chairs. “Hello? I got your pizza” I said, but there was no reply nor movement. I wanted to leave, but last time when I brought the pizza back my boss and I had some problems. I stood there observing the area again for a good 10 minutes till I heard something saying “psst, come here” I turned around and I saw a man standing there. The guy seemed homeless, but I’ve never seen a homeless guy without one eye. I ran off with the pizza to the car with as quickly as I could and drove off.


The next day, I quit my job. Everything that happened that night, never happened to me. I don’t know who that was sitting on the chair, but whoever that was, had to be dead.


Home Alone
Chapter 3

(My P.O.V)
I was in my parents room alone and also was home alone. My dad usually comes very late from work and my mother went to her home country because of an emergency. I would stay up late and watch movies, snacking, and watching youtube. I turned off my parent’s  t.v and I went to lie down in my bed till I hear one of my toys fall down from my closet. I thought it was nothing and tried to close my eyes, but I heard the doorknob move left to right. As soon as the doorknob stop moving, my closet door opens. Something came out of my closet. I was terrified and nervous.

I hid under my blanket for 2 minutes, sweating. I got out just to see what it was, was gone and also because I needed some air. But a person was standing next to my bed, looking directly at me like as he or she was about to take my soul. I yelled very loud, while trying to hug the wall. While shaking in fear, I turned my head a little to keep an eye on whoever it was. It was looking at my open window and then left my room. It was heading to the living room I assume.

I turned fully to make sure the person wasn’t in my room. Well, it wasn’t. So I went to the living room and I saw the front door wide open. I closed it and ran to my room. I didn’t sleep for 3 hours that night, but I kept thinking to myself “ was I dreaming?” I told my father about it “I’m sure it’s nothing you’re daydreaming” he said. I wanted to believe him, but I didn’t.


Darlyn’s Pond

(Brother’s P.O.V)
Chapter 4
Ever since I was a young boy, I would always go to a river or pond to fish. I still do it till today. I owed a house near a pond named Darlyn’s Pond. I don’t know who owns it or even thought of buying it, but I always came there and fish. I got on my boat, putting all my fishing stuff in. At the corner of my eye, I saw someone come out of the woods. He scared me. He walks to his wooden boat and paddled closer to me. He looked like he was in his late 40s. He looked at me with a smile like I was someone he knew.

I started to shake a little, but I had the nerves to turn to him. “What a lovely day huh?” I said. “yes it is such a lovely day,” he said with a smirk on his face. I started to pretend that I was looking for a good spot to fish, but he paddled closer to me that he threw me off my boat. I got back on it, all soaked, but so confused and scared. Once I got on, I said: “I’m going to call it a day”. I turned slowly just to catch his reaction.

He was looking at me and his smile was wiped off his face, only his serious face reminded. “You can’t leave now” he grumbled. He pulled up his shirt just to show me he’s armed. I was in terror that I froze there. Meanwhile, a full 20 minutes past, he fell asleep on his boat.  I Jumped off my boat and went swimming to land. Once I got to land, I ran to the direction of my house. When I got there, I turned off the lights, locked my doors, and closed the blinds. I left a little of the blinds open to see if he followed me home. There was no one, so I closed the blinds and headed to bed. Later I woke up to the sound of leaves, being dragged from the floor. I checked my clock, it was 4:30 am. I was falling back asleep until I heard a voice “Hey buddy, didn’t mean to wake ya.”

I thought it was just kids from my neighborhood, but I soon realized that voice was back from the pond. I quietly went to the kitchen to grab the phone. I was so scared to try walking past the window. I finally got to the living room. I quickly grabbed the phone and quickly headed back to my room. I called the police and whispered what was going on. 15 minutes, the police came and searched the back and front of my house. There was nothing. They told me that I should sleep at one at my friends or family member house, so I did. After that happened, I moved out of my house.


Chapter 5

(My sister’s husband P.O.V)

The Rake

Last night, I heard some kind of bang on my rooftop. I was too lazy to check on it so I went back to sleep because I was super tired from work. This morning I went to go check what it was, but there was nothing at all “was it a cat or a branch?” I question myself because all I saw was a branch nothing else. Honestly, I really didn’t care a lot, but a little bit annoyed. A few days later, I kept on hearing bangs and it would stop at all. I went to the bathroom getting ready to sleep till I heard it again “bang!” I got really scared, I finally got the nerve to go check it out. I got my camera and started recording to see what it was.

I went outside and I was telling my camera “Day 12 5/15/9, something has been banging on my rooftop, but I’m not sure what it is or what’s it’s doing. Today I’m going to catch whatever it is. I want it to be over now because I can’t stand it, not for one more day.” I tried getting on the roof, but I saw something big and looks like a human being just acting like an animal standing on 4 legs. “WHAT THE F-” That thing came running after me I fell off the rooftop and went running back inside, shaking in fear. I dropped my camera on the way to the house, but I was too scared to go get it. The next morning I called the police and they said to stay over at someone’s house for a few days to see what’s going on. I started calling that thing The Rake.