TXT Debut Conspiracy

Andi Burroughs

Tomorrow X Together, TXT, recently came out with their debut song. The new 5 member, K-pop group released “Crown” on March 4, 2019 after months of hyping the band. Many K-pop fans agree that TXT is receiving a lot more attention than a normal rookie groups. TXT is under the BigHit Entertainment Company: the same entertainment company that K-pop sensation BTS is under. Fans have taken such an interest in TXT just because they want them to live up to BTS. TXT debut song, “Crown”,has 5.3 million views just 6 hours after it was released, while rookie group Ateez’s debut song, “Treasure”, had 4.8 million views 4 months after debut. That is a half a million view difference with months difference in time. Even in the amount of likes there is a huge difference, with “Crown” having 1.7 million likes and “Treasure” only having 199k likes. There is obvious favoritism in TXT just because they work under BTS.

BigHit Entertainment has their whole company riding on BTS and now TXT. These are the only two artists that they promote. In the past years BTS has made enough money for BigHit that they were one of the top five Korean entertainment companies, alongside the “Big 3”, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment. Now with BigHit debuting TXT, the sales are expected to skyrocket.

Will TXT be able to succeed and make a name for themselves or will they succumb to the pressure of living up to extremely well off seniors?