Centreville Mulch Sale


Safa Hameed

The Centreville PTSA is opening up pre-orders for premium double shredded hardwood mulch from now until March 29th for mail-in orders and March 31st for online orders, with pickup from April 5th through 7th. They are also having a same day sale on April 6th as well. All proceeds go toward funding the all-night graduation celebration at the end of the school year for graduating seniors, as well as scholarship programs and activities. Not to mention, people who buy from Centreville High School (CVHS) are eligible for a tax reduction.

Mulch is a soil enriching and insulating material that will help your grass and flowers bloom after the harsh winter. CVHS is selling mulch in bags of three cubic feet. For those who buy between one and forty-nine bags, the cost per bag is $5.00. If you buy fifty or more bags, the price is reduced to $4.60 per bag. People who order ten or more bags can receive free delivery. For those who purchase under ten bags, pick up is on April 6th at CVHS, or they can pay a $10 fee to have them delivered. However, this applies only to those who pre-order either through the CVHS mulch sale website or the mail-in forms provided by the CVHS mulch sale website, found under the ‘mail-in orders’ tab.

CVHS is also hosting a same-day mulch sale on Saturday, April 6th at CVHS in the left-side parking lot. During the same-day sale, the price for those who purchase between one and forty-nine bags changes to $5.50 per bag and $5.00 per bag for those who purchase fifty or more bags. Anyone who purchases ten or more bags can have their bags delivered for a $10 fee, while anyone with under 10 bags must transport them themselves. You can pay using cash, credit, or checks.

Tax receipts can also be provided to those who want one, either when they order or by emailing [email protected]. Tax receipts will be sent out in January of 2020.

Through the CVHS Touchdown Club, the football team will spread your mulch for you; this can be requested through the CVHS mulch website.

The mulch program is currently still looking for both student and adult volunteers. For those who want to sign up you can do so through their website.