Huge Fire in an Office Building

On March 28th, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, an office building with 21 floors was caught on fire killing about 19 people and injuring 70. It trapped many workers inside with half shouting from the windows on higher floors or the roof and others falling to their deaths.

 Hossain, a central control room duty officer, claimed that 19 people died in the fire and 70 had been hospitalized. Now the cause of the fire is being investigated. All the firefighters had broken all the building’s windows to let out the toxic gases that were caused by the fire.

There was a Facebook live about the situation and was taken by Roy Pinaki. In the live, there showed 5 people climbing out of the windows while burnt building ceiling (or materials) around them fell. 1 out of the 5 people slipped from a rope that happens to be an escape from the fire. The person ended falling to his or her death.

Military helicopters went to help out the workers and more than a dozen people, who were on the roof, were rescued by firefighters by using their hydraulic cranes.

Banani, the area where the fire broke out, is also a commercial district with numerous building housing offices, universities, and restaurants. “The fire also caused bad traffic that delayed the fire trucks to come to the building,” said Dilip Kumar Ghosh, a deputy director of the fire service.

An employee, named Tushar-or-Rashid, of the Vivid Holidays tour company on the building first floor said that the fire started above them. “All of our staff have come out safely, but we don’t know what happened to the people who work in the upper floors,” he claimed. Rashid also said that the building had 21 floors.

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, fire is extremely common. The detective is now investigating who or what started the fire.