The OA Part 2: Questions Unanswered

Aidan Herklotz

Part 1 of the now famous Netflix series “The OA” came out just over 2 years ago, and I’ve personally been waiting for Part 2 since then, and let’s just say the wait was worth it. As of late, the new season has been blowing up. Although, there was a lot of stuff left unanswered at the end of the season (much like the first part of the show), so I thought I’d attempt to answer some of these questions. But first a quick disclaimer: this article will contain spoilers for both seasons of the OA, if you haven’t seen the show, go watch it now. You have been warned.


  1. What is this new dimension?

When the OA, HAP, and Homer jump to a new dimension (or alternate universe, whatever) it immediately goes wrong and the OA is comes to a bad landing in the middle of what looks like a TV show set. The theory going around is that they jumped to our dimension, as in the one where I’m writing this article now. The evidence for this is because they’re on a set (obviously) but because the OA is called Brit, which is the actresses real name (Brit Marling) and that HAP calls himself Jason Isaacs (again, the actor’s real name) and speaks in his British accent. Oh, and do you remember that really weird hallucination-type scene where the OA is in a plane and she’s walking slowly up to a woman with short blonde hair? Well that’s actually Brit Marling, in her real hairstyle (which we see in the last scene), and she’s flying to Britain to film that last scene. While I think this theory has some foundation, I don’t think it’s entirely plausible. For one, Jason Isaacs calls Brit his wife, which is not true in the real world. Also, when Steve jumps into the ambulance in the very last shot, he looks more like a greaser than an actor, and wouldn’t his head still be shaved if he just filmed that last scene?


2) What is the relation between Karim and the OA?

Throughout this season we followed the story of not only the OA/Nina, but also Karim Washington, a private investigator in this alternate dimension. At first he’s just presumed to be some guy that helps the OA in her journey (i.e. another plot device) but later we found out that he’s connected to this entire story in a much bigger way, but how exactly is he? This theory states that he is the OA’s “brother” sent to every dimension to protect her. Old Knight (the weird octopus creature) says this, but it’s revealed to be Kareem later in the season. Another theory tied to this one is that Elias Rahim (the FBI agent featured mostly in part 1) is also the OA’s brother in her original dimension, but he seems to have discovered his purpose much earlier. Karim will probably discover his purpose in Part 3, and will attempt to get to the dimension the OA is currently in, that is if he‘s not already there…


3) Who jumped with the OA?

When the OA jumped into the other dimension (still not confirming if it’s our’s or not), there was a big question on who exactly went with her. We know for sure the OA, Homer, HAP, and Steve jumped, but the others are not so clear. Unlike the jumping scene from earlier in the season, not everyone came into the dimension in the same place. So for all we know, BBA and the rest of the gang jumped along with them. This is pretty plausible, since it seems their story-line in the original dimension was resolved. The question is: which version of Buck/Michelle was in that final scene? Personally, I have no earthly idea. I do think BBA jumped, and Steve definitely jumped, but everyone else was up in the air.


There are still plenty of theories and questions to be answered about the OA: Part 2, although if I get any deeper I think I might jump to another dimension. If you still haven’t seen this show even after getting through all this, then go watch it right now. It’s on Netflix, and it’s crazy good. Now it’s time to wait another 3 years for Part 3.