Beyonce’s Homecoming Film

Kaya Squirewell

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, the queen bee, released a two-hour film on Netflix about her grand performance at Coachella. The new documentary shows last year’s Coachella Music Festival and the process of putting on headlining appearances at the event. She then surprise-released an album that has a few highlights from Beyoncé’s two incredible live Coachella performances. Both production films are called Homecoming: a celebration of black women and the womanhood in America. The film presents a huge stage show full of dancers, drumlines, choreography, and songs that have been sung by Beyoncé throughout her career.

The film opens with Maya Angelou speaking about her perception on the experience of being human such as life lessons. Beyonce’s on-stage concert at the festival has segments that are scattered with quotes from various inspiring role models, reminding us why we are here and what matters.

Fans of the queen bee, men and women, had a look and feeling of confidence as they recited her lyrics. “Homecoming” has captured this in a way that can be observed and absorbed for years to come.

Beyoncé had been scheduled to headline at Coachella in 2017, but pushed her performance back after she became pregnant with twins. Shortly after having twins, first handling her duties as a mother and getting her body into shape, she still managed to return a year after with an amazing, shocking comeback performance. She addressed the crowd saying “Thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline Coachella,” at her festival performance.

Beyonce has many others thinking about female power and how far women have come. Females have gone through many struggles, and still go through some, to get to the state they are in today. The amount of recognition Beyonce gives to females is astonishing. The film about her Coachella show, “Homecoming,” presents her on-stage dancers that are dressed as a mixed between female power and black power. Her performers are mostly African-American and several are plus-sized ladies. The production has sparked interest in many Historically Black Colleges and Universities to which she pays tribute to throughout the film.

Beyonce’s Netfilx film does not only show her outstanding live performance, but tells a story about her journey to stardom. Beyonce is always aiming for something higher: to make history.