E3 2019 – Top 10 Predictions

Stratis Bohle

E3 2018 was a major reveal for video games. The announcements included Halo Infinite, Elder Scrolls 6, Doom Eternal, and Wolfenstein Youngblood. To top last year, E3 2019 has to bring its A game. These 5 predictions would top last years event.

#5 Halo Infinite

The sequel to 2015’s Halo 5 was announced at last years E3. Due to only a cinematic trailer shown at its reveal, it wouldn’t be too surprised if we got some gameplay footage. With this being the closing chapter of the Reclaimer Saga which is the trilogy after the original Bungie developed trilogy, One would expect it to be out before the release of the successor Xbox, but don’t expect a release date.

#4 Pokemon Sword & Shield

With the announcement of the game’s title earlier in the year, and the game’s release coming this year, it is very much expected for game information to come either in the Nintendo E3 conference or the Pokemon Conference on the 5th of June. Most likely to be expected is gameplay reveals and the rumored character customization confirmation.


#3 Splinter Cell Sequel

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a video game franchise created by the late author, Tom Clancy. There has not been any Splinter Cell games released after Splinter Cell: Blacklist‘s release in August 2012 and Tom Clancy’s death in October of that year. This 6-year gap is the longest in the series, but there is hope. Ghost Recon Wildlands had a new DLC mission with Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell just this past year. There was also the tweet by Ubisoft late last month teasing the voice actors for the game coming back to Ubisoft.


#2 Metroid Prime 4
The upcoming sequel to the acclaimed trilogy that originally started on the GameCube, has not seen a new game in 11 years. The teaser two years ago of the logo was well received and the fans have been clamoring for images or video of game-play from one of Nintendo’s most popular game. Having two years passed since the reveal and the recent news of the games restart with Retro Studios at the helm, it is likely we will hear about what is going on with the game’s development.



#1 Xbox Successor

With the rumors bouncing around about the Lockhart program, which is the family of successor consoles to the current line up of Xbox One consoles, it is expected for some news to come out at their conference. With this imminent release of these successor consoles, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out the console specifications. However the release date will most likely remain a mystery and most likely to be released in the mid 2020s to replicate the Switch release and its massive success.