El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie

El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie

Kaya Squirewell

Netflix released a trailer for a brand-new movie called El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the first feature film from director Vince Gilligan. Breaking Bad is a Netflix American-crime drama television series said to be one of the greatest shows in history. Chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was expecting to pass away, which caused him to be fearful that he would leave his family behind with nothing. He then discovers a way to make money as quickly as possible. After he finds out his former chemistry student Jesse Pinkman cooks methamphetamine, Walter convinces him to help form and distribute meth for dirty money. Walt’s product is found to be the purest anyone has ever made. The show’s series finale aired six years ago that ended the legacy after five seasons. 

The new movie is a follow-up to the happenings of Pinkman after the events of the show’s finale. As a meth prisoner, he spends months being forced to cook meth for white supremacists. He eventually escapes from the neo-Nazis’ headquarters after being rescued by Walter White. The last time fans saw Jesse Pinkman, he barely made it out alive. Now, Jesse is free and trying to turn his miserable life around. 

Aaron Paul, the actor playing Jesse Pinkman, won multiple Emmys for his unforgettable role in the attention-grabbing series. With the way season five ended, fans are curious as to what happened to Jesse. In an interview, Paul talked about returning to the role of Pinkman. “Anyone that’s a fan of Breaking Bad knows that all of these characters went through hell and back—especially Pinkman. It was a life-changing role for me, and there were a lot of ups and downs with this guy. In the first couple seasons, I tried to stay within that skin and stay as focused as possible. But [co-star] Bryan [Cranston] taught me that it’s okay to wash the makeup off at the end of the day and just be yourself. It was a bit of a struggle for all of us—it was an emotional toll. Playing Jesse was like revisiting an old friend.”

In 2017, Gilligan approached Aaron Paul with the idea. They secretly began to film their project in November 2018, near the tenth anniversary of the show. There was no confirmation about the movie until August 2019, when the trailer was released by Netflix. The film is scheduled to be released on October 11, 2019. Welcome back, Jesse Pinkman.