Student Spotlight: Christina Choi


(Photo: via Christina Choi)

David Vu

Christina Choi is currently a senior here at Centreville High School with an eye and talent for various mediums of art. She is in the Ceramics class here at school and she is one of the most talented artists in it.

She started doing art when she was in the first grade at Union Mill Elementary School. She had a natural passion for art further fueled by the requirement to take a standard art class at her school. Her parents, of course, are very supportive of her art, but they don’t regard it as a profession, but rather as a hobby.

Christina is incredibly gifted in a variety of art forms, ranging from drawing to painting. Her favorite art styles include using painting acrylic (fast drying paint) on canvas and watercolor on paper. While Christina states that she doesn’t have to face a lot of challenges, she mentions that sometimes it’s difficult to meet the expectations she has in her head for her art when considering her finished products.

Christina does commissions online, which are mostly of people’s pets, but she doesn’t mind doing other requests as well. She got into doing commissions back at Liberty Middle School, where her eight grade math teacher asked her to draw a picture of his dog. From then on, she started to share and promote her artwork on her social media, which allows her to reach a wider audience besides the school community. 

Christina claims that the biggest influence in her art career is Centreville’s own ceramics teacher, Ms. Schaffer. Because she had Ms. Schaffer her freshman year and now again her senior year, she said it felt like it was sort of a bookend. Christina says that “Ms. Schaffer had helped push her past her own limits and encouraged her to always strive for excellence in her artwork.” Ms. Schaffer has been a big motivating factor throughout her high school art career.

Besides her art commissions, Christina enjoys reading books, playing the piano, and picking the strings of her guitar. Christina also states that her favorite art pieces (besides her own) are Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Christine hopes to attend the University of Virginia where she wants to pursue a degree in nursing or public policy.

Christina is an amazing artist with a kind heart. She hopes to continue doing freelance art in the future, no matter her career path. Her incredible artworks will always bless the walls of Centreville.


Christina’s artwork gallery: