Michael Bloomberg Enters The Democratic Primary

Stratis Bohle

Michael Bloomberg’s office has started to hire new staffers to work a presidential campaign. With his application to appear on the Alabama democratic primary being submitted this past friday, we have to wonder how successful can Mr. Bloomberg be in a presidential campaign.

With the fact that since 1976 no presidential nominee of either the republican or democratic parties began their campaign after the August one year prior to the general election, it seems to be an uphill battle. With the two of the major front runners making their campaigns on attacking the rich and their role in government & politics, all eyes are on bloomberg who has a much more recognizable name and face than the other billionaire Tom Steyer, who is also campaigning for the nomination.

Mr. Bloomberg also experiences a tough battle not just in a crowded field, but with spreading his platform while his previous actions as Mayor of New York City, such as the Stop and Frisk measures with the NYPD, don’t necessarily show him as democrat. This is further exaggerated as that he ran for Mayor of New York as a republican. Mr. Bloomberg is expected to announce his candidacy officially this upcoming week, with a speech in New York.