The Wildcat Writing Center 2019 Coffee House


Natalie Kees

On the 13th of November at 3:15 pm in the CVHS cafeteria, the 2019 Wildcat Writing Center Coffee House took place. The Wildcat Coffee House is an annual event where students can gather together to share their passion in a positive environment–with teachers, peers, and friends present. The cafeteria was transformed into an intimate space where several small, round tables were spread out around the room, each with little candles at their center. Coffee, cookies, apple cider, and other treats were available for all who attended, and the whole atmosphere of the place was very warm and inviting. There were all sorts of acts that were performed during the Coffee House event.  They ranged from original skits, beautiful renditions of cover songs, instrumental jazz, clarinet, tuba, guitar solos, poetry, and stories written just for this event. Some acts were funny, others serious and thought-provoking or just beautiful to listen to.

For four years Ms. Oden has been in charge of the Coffee House at Centreville High School. She works hard each and every year to provide an experience for the students that they won’t forget.  Her favorite thing about the coffee house is the fact that students get the opportunity to share their voices in a positive and welcoming environment. Other students participating in the acts provided similar reasons for their love of the event. Caitlyn Barnes, who had performed ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Beiber with Angie Rodriguez, Beth Buono, and Preeti Bandi, said that she came to the Coffee House because she wanted to “share her voice with other people.” Maddie Leberre, who performed the skit ‘The Hostage’ with Camdyn Tyler, said that she came to perform at the Coffee House because a friend recommended the event and suggested she attend it and perform for her peer audience.

Whether you were a student performing or just a member of the audience, the Coffee House was a fun and inviting space to hang out with friends and enjoy the brilliance of the artistic environment. As an observer, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Coffee House with my friends. If you were unable to attend this year, I totally recommend you finding time in your schedule to enjoy the Coffee House next year.

All are welcome at the Centreville Coffee House to share their art. Communication through performance by singing, writing, playing, and acting is a way to bring diverse groups of people together at our school. In a time where most people find their entertainment on their devices, the Coffee House provides a place for students and teachers to get together and enjoy the arts face to face.